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What Did You Think of the BlackBerry Developer Day?


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The BlackBerry Developer Days have been going on across North America and they’re a chance for developers to attend and learn more about the BlackBerry platform. I attended the event in Toronto as a developer and media weren’t allowed to attend. Therefore, I can’t write about my own experience. But what I can do is interview my friends in attendance and ask them what they thought. Sweet loophole, bro.

I asked BlackBerryCool contributor and good friend Jeff Bacon who was in attendance if he could provide a little insight about what it was like at the BlackBerry Developer Day. He had this to say:
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UPDATED: BlackBerry PlayBook to Run iOS Apps


blackberry playbook with plants vs zombies

At the BlackBerry Developer Day in Toronto, media wasn’t allowed to attend the event because RIM was privately announcing to developers that the PlayBook would technically be allowed to run any type of app, including iOS apps. The PlayBook will run these apps in the same way that it runs Android apps through the launcher. We’re not sure how easy it will be for developers, but it could be that they potentially take the same files they submit to the other app stores and submit them to App World – whether they’re web apps, iOS apps or Android apps. The app launcher on the PlayBook, and the BlackBerry smartphone, will be able to read all these files and let the end user run them. In the end, this means the PlayBook will have over 500,000 apps. Is this enough for the analysts?

We can’t link to anything because RIM has specifically told us we weren’t allowed to report anything from the event, but we are allowed to say that we heard this from multiple attendees.

UPDATE: You know a good April Fool’s Day post when people think it’s real. Maybe it’s because everyone wants it to be true? So just to make it clear: this was a joke.

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Download Statistics and Other Recent Figures Surrounding App World


app world

It’s interesting to see how BlackBerry App World has been progressing over the past year or so. Currently, App World is doing over 3 million app downloads per day, which is a pretty awesome number and shows some significant growth.

There is also some cool data coming out of the BlackBerry Developer Days including the fact that 49% of paid apps are from BlackBerry OS 5.0 users while 41% are from BlackBerry 6.0 users. Considering there are far fewer OS 6 devices on the market (apparently only 10% of devices), this tells us that OS 6 users are probably much more inclined to purchase apps and therefore if you’re a developer, it’s crucial for you to target this OS. In terms of distribution, there are apparently 580 carriers around the world carrying BlackBerry. This means localization is also a must.

We’ll be getting more more info and statistics with the upcoming Developer Days. We’ll also be reporting from the Developer Day in Toronto. See you there!

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Save the Dates: BlackBerry Developer Days in Dubai, Washington, New York and More


build with blackberry

RIM is hosting BlackBerry Developer Days that feature technical and go-to market sessions for developers of all experience levels. The sessions are designed to take you through some of the intricacies of developing for the BlackBerry platform and feature hints on how to get started. Upcoming dates include:
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Save the Date: BlackBerry Developer Day at Mobile World Congress



BlackBerry Developer Day is on Tuesday, February 16th at App Planet, during Mobile World Congress. This is a great opportunity for BlackBerry developers to network, meet the experts, and listen to some interesting speaker sessions.

While you need a code to register, it does allow you to “register your interest.” This probably means you can be slotted in if there are vacancies.

Register for the BlackBerry Developer Day.

Learn more at Inside BlackBerry.

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