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Ottawa, Canada: Register for the BlackBerry Developer Group Meetup


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If you’re in Ottawa, Canada or the surrounding region, you should definitely check out the Ottawa BlackBerry Developer Group. The meetup will talk about some of the changes at BlackBerry, mostly that the company is largely enterprise focused. This change is very visible at the developer group level. BlackBerry has been using a Developer Group Hub, powered by Influitive, in order to connect Group Managers as well as send the company message to those groups. So far, the message is clear: develop enterprise apps.

Eventbrite - Ottawa BlackBerry Developer Group Meetup

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BlackBerry Developer Groups Launch in Toronto, Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires


RIM have announced that they’re launching official BlackBerry Developer Groups in Toronto, Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires.

  • The Toronto, Canada group will have its first meeting on April 21st.
  • The Tel Aviv, Israel group will have its first meeting on May 11th.
  • The Buenos Aires, Argentina group will have its first meeting on April 15th.

Just because RIM have an official group, doesn’t mean you can’t start your own. I would encourage all BlackBerry developers to use social media and network a group together to complement the RIM Developer Groups. Consider bringing in other app platform developers and even other tech community members. In Ottawa, Canada, our informal BlackBerry Developer Group really benefited from a presentation by the Open Data Ottawa initiative. Open Data is about unrestricted access to city controlled data, in a format easy for Internet and smartphone applications to consume.

More information about BlackBerry Developer Groups can be found on the BlackBerry Developer Blog.

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RIM Announce BlackBerry Developer Groups Program



In an email sent to the BlackBerry Developer Community by Ian McDonald, Manager of the Developer Programs at RIM, it was announced that RIM will be creating a new program aimed at establishing a global network of Developer Groups. This program is going to be officially announced at the BlackBerry Developer Day at Mobile World Congress App Planet.

Members of the BlackBerry Developer Groups will get the opportunity to network, share info, receive regular platform and program updates from RIM, and have access to exclusive discounts for developer certification exams and select BlackBerry developer events and conferences. Part of the membership to the Developer Groups also includes monthly update conference calls with RIM and eligibility for rewards via the Developer Recognition Program.
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