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A Look At RIM’s Accomplishments in 2009



Mike Kirkup over at the Developer’s Blog has a great post up recounting RIM’s accomplishments for 2009 with respect to BlackBerry developers. It’s a great list that includes all the major highlights such as the Developer’s Blog technical webcast, App World, the Developer Conference, the Developer Zone, their YouTube channel, as well as the most recent developments with OS 5.
Click through for a list of accomplishments that benefited BlackBerry developers in 2009

BlackBerry Developer Conference 2009 session catalog now live



The BlackBerry Developer Conference is trying a new strategy this year when it comes to attending sessions. There are over 40 sessions from BlackBerry development experts at RIM and this year they have been organized using tags so you can choose ones that are applicable to you.

In his BlackBerry Developer’s Blog post, Mike Kirkup describes the new tag system and breaks them down as follows:


  • Sessions are broken down based on the type of developer that may be most interested in attending this session including Commercial Enterprise Developers, Consumer Developers, Corporate Developers, Business (CIOs), and Application Architects/Designers.


  • Sessions are broken down based on the core technology they would discuss or leverage including Java, Web, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry Internet Service, and BlackBerry Developer Tools.


  • Sessions are further categorized based on a specialization of the topic including Multimedia, Location Based Services, User Interface, and Security.

Technical Level

  • Sessions are rated according to the expected knowledge level of attendees – introductory, intermediate and advanced.

Session Format and Attributes

  • We also give you the ability to filter sessions based on the format of the session (eg. RIM-lead Sessions vs. Community sessions) or by attributes of the session itself (eg. does the presenter provide a demo or sample code).

Hope to see you there!


BlackBerry Developer’s Blog roundup – hidden API’s and how to’s



The BlackBerry Developer’s Blog is posting very regularly like a good blog should while Inside BlackBerry hasn’t had a post in almost a week. It’s truly a shame in that Inside BlackBerry could be a very popular place for users to get an inside look at both RIM and BlackBerry, but the blog simply lacks enough content.

The BlackBerry Developer’s Blog, on the other hand, has had almost 2 posts per day since launch and the content is both interesting and helpful.

Here is a brief roundup of what you can find on the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog:
Click through for a roundup of the content you’ll find on the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog