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Ottawa Developers Talk BlackBerry Development Experience and RIM


An ice sculpture of a BlackBerry at Ottawa’s Winterlude.

RIM has been catching a lot of negative press lately and it’s interesting to see what Ottawans have to say about it considering the city is home to a lot of RIM employees and some development studios that have experience with BlackBerry. It’s one thing to hear what analysts have to say, but it’s another to actually talk to developers and people who are building businesses on the platform.

Generally, it seems the developer tools are both a blessing and a headache. The tools are creating a barrier to entry which has a negative impact on RIM’s ability to attract new developers, but it’s creating big opportunities for those who know how to use them as it’s sheltering their business from new competitors. RIM is definitely working on a new set of tools and how the company executes could result in a big influx of new developers.

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BlackBerry user poll: what iPhone apps would you like for BlackBerry?


storm and iphone

The developer community around the iPhone is fairly different from that of the BlackBerry developer community in that iPhone developers have OpenGL at their disposal, allowing them to create visually rich applications, as well as as the marketplace and demographics are slightly different. While the BlackBerry Storm is capable of running OpenGL hardware-wise, we have yet to see the API’s unlocked.

Lets assume for a moment, and this might be a crazy assumption, that BlackBerry had OpenGL API’s (possibly with the Storm 2?), and that any iPhone app you see could be ported to BlackBerry. For this to be true, we would also need to see device memory increase, as well as perhaps a built-in compass.

With those assumptions, and there may be a few more, what applications have you seen for iPhone, that you would like for BlackBerry? Or rather, what are your favorite iPhone apps that aren’t available for BlackBerry?

Here are some that I would like to see, and they’re mostly for entertainment. I’m sure there are a ton of apps out there in various categories so share what you find.
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BlackBerry Developer Conference 2009 session catalog now live


The BlackBerry Developer Conference is trying a new strategy this year when it comes to attending sessions. There are over 40 sessions from BlackBerry development experts at RIM and this year they have been organized using tags so you can choose ones that are applicable to you.

In his BlackBerry Developer’s Blog post, Mike Kirkup describes the new tag system and breaks them down as follows:


  • Sessions are broken down based on the type of developer that may be most interested in attending this session including Commercial Enterprise Developers, Consumer Developers, Corporate Developers, Business (CIOs), and Application Architects/Designers.


  • Sessions are broken down based on the core technology they would discuss or leverage including Java, Web, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry Internet Service, and BlackBerry Developer Tools.


  • Sessions are further categorized based on a specialization of the topic including Multimedia, Location Based Services, User Interface, and Security.

Technical Level

  • Sessions are rated according to the expected knowledge level of attendees – introductory, intermediate and advanced.

Session Format and Attributes

  • We also give you the ability to filter sessions based on the format of the session (eg. RIM-lead Sessions vs. Community sessions) or by attributes of the session itself (eg. does the presenter provide a demo or sample code).

Hope to see you there!

RIM announces End of Life for BlackBerry MDS Runtime and Studio


BlackBerry MDS (Mobile Data System) is a development framework for BlackBerry that allows developers to use Visual Studio as a platform and use what RIM calls a RAD (rapid application development) method. The RAD development method involves a drag and drop interface where you can then create the code behind your forms to do the work.

This news comes after RIM announced new plug-ins for Eclipse and Visual Studio. It seems that RIM is focusing on the Java and web development platforms so platforms such as MDS are all getting canceled.

As of December 31st,2009, both BlackBerry MDS Runtime and Studio will no longer be available. Runtime and Studio will lose support as of June 30th, 2010.

[Thanks for the tip J.M.]

UPDATE: Official notice from RIM.

RIM releases new tools for developers creating web apps



RIM have announced new and improved tools for developing web applications for BlackBerry. The new tools include the BlackBerry Web Development Plug-in for Eclipse and the BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio version 1.2.

The BlackBerry Web Development Plug-in for Eclipse, will allow developers to create web applications and content more easily and in a familiar Eclipse 3.4 environment. This plug-in opens up more rich internet applications using AJAX, Silverlight, PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, JSP, and Python.

The BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio version 1.2, allows developers to create web apps and content whithin Visual Studio 2008. This is another tool that is going to bring more developers into the fold, allowing them to make apps running AJAX and ASP.Net.

With these tools we’ll hopefully see an increase in the number of web apps in App World. Web apps are a great way to experience content that you regularly visit on the web, but you want easy access to on your device. Get coding developers!

For more information, visit the BlackBerry Developer Zone.

How to Write a BlackBerry Application - Lesson 3: Create shortcuts and more


How to write a BlackBerry application – Lesson 3: Open a webpage, system-wide menu Item, adding an icon and yes/no dialog

This is lesson 3 in a series of BlackBerry application development lessons. These lessons are intended to bring someone with no experience in developing applications for BlackBerry, up to speed with the latest development techniques. It’s easier than you think so try it out!

Before starting, this lesson, make sure you have read Lesson 1 and Lesson 2.

1.      Go into the folder where your BlackBerry Lections.jdw file is
2.      Create a folder there called Lection 3
3.      Open up your JDE and open the Workspace called Lections.jdw
4.      Right-Click on Lections.jdw
5.      Select Create new Project
6.      Name the Project Lection_3 and save it to the Folder \Lection 3
7.      Copy the two files HelloWorld.java and Lesson3Screen.java into the \Lection 3 folder
8.      In the JDE right-click on Lection_3 and add the two files HelloWorld.java and Lesson3Screen.java into the project

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