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RIM Soft Announces New BlackBerry Feature for Employee-Liable Devices


We have been talking a lot about employee-liable versus corporate-liable BlackBerrys for a long time here on BlackBerryCool. Ahmed Datoo of Zenprise summed it up best in this article about BES Express. The idea is that smartphones have become so prevalent that every organization needs to deal with devices on their network that haven’t been explicitly deemed “corporate safe”. These devices are called employee liable, as in the employee is liable for the device as it hasn’t been approved. There is no way to stop the shift towards employee liable devices, as employees are becoming much more aware of the smartphones they purchase, and being a player in the mobile industry requires you understand all platforms available.
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BlackBerry-Based WIC Pager Pilot Program at Children’s Hospital


Currently, many hospitals use an outdated pager system to get in touch with doctors on call. This solution does not allow admins to know whether the message was received and relies on a code system that doesn’t provide much detail as to the nature of the page. Wallace Wireless have a BlackBerry-based solution that brings pager like services to BlackBerry users. The system is in the process of being piloted at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), and if it’s successful could set a new standard for healthcare professionals.
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BlackBerry in China: User Frustrations Such as Price and Native Input


Recently, the BlackBerry Curve 8910 launched with Digital China. The success of BlackBerry in China is interesting because the market brings some incredible potential especially since trade with the country has been running at a deficit for most Western countries. If Research in Motion can sell a few million devices in China, they will set a standard for the smartphone industry.

Li Tong is RIM’s General Manager in China and he sat down with BerryTimes.cn for an interview during the BlackBerry Curve 8910 launch. The interview has some interesting questions from a Chinese user perspective that highlight a lot of what RIM is going to need to work on in order to be successful in the region.
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Enterprise Build of Poynt Now Available for BES Users


Multiplied Media has announced an enterprise build of their location based service app Poynt for users on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Poynt has had several updates over the past year and now features the ability to connect users to local businesses, people, restaurants and movie theaters. Users can also discover movie trailers and show times, book dining reservations, compare local gas prices, view directions on a map, click-to-call a business or view a website.

For the latest BES version, MM has turned off update notifications to ensure BES users do not need to download the app directly when an update becomes available.

More information about Poynt for BES available here.

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Mimecast Provide Cloud-Based Service to Prevent RIM Outages


Mimecast has announced the availability of a cloud-based service that emulates the information on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and ensures employees can access information on their BlackBerry, even if RIM is experiencing an outage. This is the first cloud service to protect against BES failures, and it challenges RIM’s message that BES is totally reliable. Mimecast Continuity Services are aimed at delivering email, and taking away the need for standby servers.

We know that RIM has experienced outages in the past, but overall the service is very reliable. It will be interesting to see what organizations are reaching out to this service, as these users need a level of service that RIM isn’t providing.

Read Mimecast’s press release for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions About BES Express


The official BlackBerry blog have put up a FAQ answer page for BES Express, with a few helpful details about the new service. BES Express means you get full push and sync BlackBerry services, and your IT department gets a secure management system, all for free. The services will not cost your organization additional licenses, making it very affordable. Personally, I’m still waiting to hear more about how BES Express will interact with Google Apps, and a few of the commenters have asked this question.

Head over to Inside BlackBerry to read the FAQ.

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