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Postal Babes BlackBerry game – Sex, violence and snail mail all in one



A new games popped up in the BlackBerry Cool store that looks hilarious. The game is called Postal Babes and it’s a 2D sidescroller featuring girls with guns in their underwear.

The plot of the game reads like a B movie. Maniacs have taken over campus and now the first year student girls are hostages. Tragedy! The Postal Babes will save the day!

This game features 12 levels and a ton of weapon variations. Happy gaming!

Postal Babes is available for $3.99.


Wild West Hangman for BlackBerry includes trivia questions



When I was living in Korea teaching English, all the kids wanted to play hangman. It’s a fairly morbid game but it’s a big part of Western culture. Now you can play hangman on your BlackBerry and the game offers a trivia twist.

Wild West Hangman combines the original pen and paper game, with 800 trivia questions in 10 different categories.

Purchase Wild West Hangman for BlackBerry for $4.99 until June 20th.


Free Tetris-like game for BlackBerry Storm, Curve and Bold


RHex is a Tetris-like game where the object is to explode falling hexagons by connecting four or more in a row. Stack falling hexagons by rotating the central hex. The above YouTube video demonstrates the gameplay. It’s the standard falling puzzle game type that has become so popular on mobile.

It’s free so what do you have to lose?

Download RHex v1.0.3 for the Blackberry Storm (Installation by Blackberry Desktop Manager).

Download RHex v1.0.3 for the Blackberry Curve and Bold (Installation by Blackberry Desktop Manager).



Nintaii v.1.6.1 for BlackBerry Storm Reviewed!


Some of you may remember us mentioning Nintaii by Mobigloo back in October when we discussed the finalists for the BlackBerry Developer Challenge. ‘Nintai,’ a Japanese Kanji that means “patience” offers users a great gaming experience from start to finish. More recently, I also reviewed this app back in November, giving it a healthy and well deserved 4 out of 5. Well, Nintaii now comes equipped to handle the awesome power of the BlackBerry Storm, making use of the Storm’s accelerometer and huge screen. Sweet.

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Marble Trap — Another BlackBerry Storm enhanced BlackBerry Game


My boy Kevin is always spending too much time with games on his BlackBerry. It seems he’s uncovered video of a new BlackBerry game called Marble Trap. Much like Nintaii, Marble Trap takes advantage of the BlackBerry Storm’s accelerometer for a smoother gameplay experience. To download a free trial of Marble Trap for BlackBerry, hit the links below.

Marble Trap for BlackBerry Free Trial (BlackBerry Storm)
Marble Trap for BlackBerry Free Trial (non-Storm BlackBerrys)

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Nintaii for BlackBerry – first accelerometer game for BlackBerry


Fresh off of our review of Nintaii for BlackBerry, where BBCool JB gave it a stellar 4 out of 5, I was contacted today by the fine folks at Mobigloo. They wanted to let me know that Nintaii was now available for BlackBerry Storm users – and is likely the first BlackBerry Storm game to make use of the accelerometer. You can check out the video above demonstrating Nintaii’s addictive gameplay, or read the review below. I can’t wait to see more games which make use of the BlackBerry Storm’s potential.

Nintaii for BlackBerry Reviewed
Nintaii for the BlackBerry Storm
Nintaii for all other BlackBerrys