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Nintaii v.1.0.9 Reviewed!



Though I wasn’t a big fan of their Poker Odds Calculator Pro, I really like Mobigloo’s Nintaii for BlackBerry. Some of you may remember us mentioning Nintaii back in October when we discussed the finalists for  the BlackBerry Developer Challenge. ‘Nintai,’ a Japanese Kanji that means “patience” offers users a great experience from start to finish – if you can, that is. It’s easy to install, and there’s virtually no setup. The controls are easy to learn and operate. And, there are about 100 different levels (of increasing difficulty), so with a little perserverance this game may in fact teach you all about the meaning of patience.

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Bplay adds direct billing for BlackBerry Games!


Great news today for members of the BlackBerry Nation looking for an excuse to waste more time on their BlackBerry. Bplay just emailed us to let us know that they now support direct billing!

Direct billing for games is now available for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint subscribers at Bplay. Subscribers of those carriers can bill Bplay games directly to their phone bills by using Premium SMS. It is available at Bplay through an additional “Bill to Phone” option on the game product pages.

Over time, Bplay will be adding more US and Canadian carriers. We’ve included links below to our three favorite Bplay games.

Texas Hold’em King 3


New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry Reviewed


Our mobile entertainment sister site, QuicklyBored, has published a review of the Magmic’s New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry. We’re huge fans of crossword puzzles at BBCool HQ, and the NYT crossword puzzle is the best around. From the review, it seems like Magmic’s version lives up to its namesake:

The puzzles themselves are pretty difficult. Being officially licensed by The New York Times, the game does a great job of mimicking the crossword experience which also means they’re pretty difficult for a first time crossword player. Although with a simple, elegant user interface and three different puzzle views, you can get into the game quickly.

Another great feature of this game is that it offers daily news headlines from NYTimes.com. That, combined with daily puzzles, you’ve completely got your NYT fix for the day.

Right now, the New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry is exclusive to AT&T, but will be available across all channels come January 1st. You can read the full review below.

New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry by Magmic reviewed


Magmic launches Chuzzle for BlackBerry, offers free game giveaway


Chuzzle screenshotHot on the heels of an interview discussing how much BlackBerry users like to game, Magmic announced today the BlackBerry release of Chuzzle, a puzzle game of the cute and cuddly variety. The whole point of the game is to match 3 Chuzzles together to make them explode (tragic, I know, but puzzle games are often cruel). Customary to Magmic’s AAA polish, Chuzzle comes with four different game modes and allows you to do cool stuff like earn trophies and unlock secret games.

Originally from the people who made the popular Bejeweled and Zuma games, Chuzzle has a cool 1960’s Star Trek, tribble vibe, which we dig. Expect a review from us soon.

Go here to learn more about Chuzzle.

UPDATE: Our friends at Magmic just let us know that if you sign up to their Bplay newsletter, you get a free Magmic game! Go check it out and tell them the ‘Cool sent ya.