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5 New Premium Games By Digital Chocolate Now Available


Digital Chocolate make some really impressive premium games for BlackBerry including 3D Rollercoaster Rush Jurassic 2 for BlackBerry 7 devices. Recently, the company has added over 5 new premium titles to the Bplay catalog and they’re definitely worth checking out. More after the jump.
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Crazy Taxi by EA Now Available for Curve, Bold, Style, Tour and Torch


crazy taxi

EA is making a huge push into the BlackBerry space. The company is bringing everything from retro titles to the latest console games and we now have Crazy Taxi, originally by Sega. Crazy Taxi is a great arcade game that has made its way to mobile and is now available for your BlackBerry. The game is a lot of fun and has you driving around the city in search of more fares and cash. You have to pick up and drop off as many fares as you can while exploring the open-world racing environment.

Check out Crazy Taxi by EA at Bplay.

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Pandas vs Ninjas Game Now Available for Free


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GooseChase for BlackBerry Lets You Create Scavenger Hunts with Friends and Coworkers


Watch a demo of the Goosechase platform in action

GooseChase is a really cool scavenger hunt platform that lets you set up a “mission” on the web, create teams, and immediately participants can open their app and begin the hunt. The app works for both BlackBerry and iPhone, so you’re sure to cover almost all of your friends and coworkers. The process is simple:

CHOOSE YOUR PLAN – Based on the size of your organization and how much time you have for the event, choose a plan and sign up online.
ACCESS OUR WEB PORTAL – Login and start setting up your hunt using the Web Portal; release yourself from the administrative nightmare of event coordination.
CONFIGURE YOUR MISSIONS – Use our Mission Configuration tool to select missions from our expansive arsenal, or create your very own! Anything goes, from an intense custom-built hunt to a collaborative pre-configured event.
MANAGE TEAMS – With a few clicks, quickly set up teams using our Team Management interface. Generate team names and pass codes online, and quickly deploy to participants.

What we love about GooseChase is that it brings a fun mobile culture to the workplace. There’s a lot of lame corporate team building that goes on and incorporating a mobile component in the scavenger hunt makes a lot of sense for the modern office. The price plan is really affordable too. Prices range from free to $1000 per month, depending on the size of your company.

It would be really cool if GooseChase included BBM Social APIs in this concept. While it’s a great idea to have scavenger hunts with your coworkers for team building, the concept would also be awesome with your friends over BBM. The app could also leverage some form of in-app payment system where you pay based on the number of people playing the service at that time.

Check out more about GooseChase on their site and download the app OTA from blackberry.goosecha.se.

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Educational App for Kids – Super Baby GO! Now Available on Bplay


super baby go

As a parent, I’ve fallen victim to many a public tantrum-fest with nary an infant-friendly distraction to be found. Fellow parents, I know you feel me on this one. We’ve all been that mom or dad at least once. However, there is one thing that children, infants especially, have always seemed to have an insatiable curiosity for: our smartphones. Although, at the risk of them dialing someone on the other side of the planet and subsequently racking up a phone bill of $364,654,723, parents often opt out of letting their cute little slobbery poop machines play with their phones…until now.
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