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BlackBerry Onyx to come with a trackpad – new device strategy?



The BlackBerry Onyx has been spotted with a trackpad. Although the Tour 9630 does not have a trackpad, the BlackBerry Gemini 8520 does. This could mean that RIM is thinking of making all devices post 9630 come with a trackpad.

Is this the death of the trackball? I hope so. BlackBerry users have had to replace a ton of trackballs because they get dust/sand in them or they just simply wear out. This new strategy could mean longer lasting devices.



BlackBerry Gemini 8520 from T-Mobile in black and white



Ronen from BerryReview picked up the news that the upcoming BlackBerry Gemini 8520 will be shipping from T-Mobile in both black and white.

Back when I bought the iPhone 3G (don’t give me that look), I made sure to get the white version. Not because I thought it necessarily looked better, but because they made white the limited edition. It would be great to see more limited edition BlackBerry colors and cases being released.

The 8520 is shaping up to be an interesting device. With a cool new optical trackpad, it don’t matter if you’re black or white.

Stay tuned for the full review of the 8520.



The BlackBerry Gemini 8520 battery casing issues


I’ve been trying out the BlackBerry Gemini 8520 and I cannot for the life of me open the battery casing.

It may be that I don’t have enough calcium in my diet or it could also be that this battery casing is blogger-proof. Either way, my fingers are crossed that this changes before the device hits the market.

On a side note, don’t bother complaining about the video quality. I use a BlackBerry to take all my video and device pictures. I refuse to use an extra device. This isn’t BlackBerryandaCamcorder Cool.

Stay tuned because I’ll have a full review of the device up soon.

T-Mobile BlackBerry Gemini 8520 unofficial model gets reviewed



The guys at PhoneArena put up a pretty lengthy review of the BlackBerry Gemini 8520. I’ll break down their review by section but if you want to read the full review, just head over to their site.


While the 8520 Gemini is one of the newest devices to be released by RIM, the only thing truly new about it is the design. The 8520 is slated as an introductory Curve model and comes with a 3.4” screen which sits above a full QWERTY keyboard. Two convenience keys adorn either side and a simplistic back with the 2 megapixel camera at the top. The unofficial size is 4.25”x2.3”x0.5”, which makes it even smaller than the Curve 8900, and perhaps a touch lighter.
Click through to learn more about the BlackBerry Gemini 8520

T-Mobile BlackBerry Gemini 8520 spotted in ultra low rez


blackberry gemini

Simon found a pic of the BlackBerry Gemini that is incredibly frustrating in its poor quality. If you’re sitting there looking at an unreleased device, here are a few tips:

  • Steady hands – Yes, it’s a sweet BlackBerry device that isn’t on the market, but shaking hands makes a blurry photo.
  • Megapixels please – At least 5 of them.
  • Angles – We need to see the front, back, side and top.

I have to give it to Kevin, he’s done the best job to date giving us some high rez images of the 8520. From that review, we see that the Gemini 8520 features rubber side keys, top-mounted media controls, and an optical pad replacing the classic trackball.

We’re expecting this to be an introductory smartphone device with a fairly low price point. Release dates aren’t exactly set yet, but we’re likely looking at an early August launch. Looking forward T-Mobile users?
More of those high rez BlackBerry Gemini 8520 images after the jump