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“Do you need help with your BlackBerry?” (Weekly Contest)


BlackBerry Help

Oftentimes with the BlackBerry Cool Weekly Contest, we ask your thoughts on a topic of the day, heeding the myriad voices of the BlackBerry Nation to better our understanding of what you want and what you’re thinking. Now we want to give back.

We want you to post any problems you have with the BlackBerry: things that won’t work, things that you need to fix, things that you’ve never known how to do and would like to. Help us help you by posting what you want — or need — to know.

WE’RE GIVING AWAY 10 FREE LIVESCREENS BY DREAMTHEME TO THE FIRST TEN POSTERS (with a valid question) and 3 LiveScreens to the three best questions. To learn more about LiveScreens, check out the articles below:

LiveScreens by DreamTheme screenshot blowout!
Hands On with LiveScreens from DreamTheme

P.S. I know I’ve been pretty bad in getting prizes out to winners lately. I’m dedicating myself to rectifying this issue over the weekend. If you’ve won a prize and haven’t been reached by BlackBerry Cool, please get ahold of us via the Contact link below the BBCool header.

How-to use your BlackBerry Storm


The coming weeks will be a strange one for BlackBerry users purchasing the BlackBerry Storm, RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry. Likely, many of these people will have never used a touchscreen device before, and will be unfamiliar with the process. “How do I use it?” they will ask. “Why does the screen move? What’s an accelerometer? Should I dip it in peanut butter?”

Thankfully, Vodafone and RIM each have provided the help BlackBerry users seek. It addition to the introduction video above, you’ll find another one after the jump on web browsing, and a link to RIM’s BlackBerry Storm Tips and Navigation PDF.

Note: do not dip your BlackBerry Storm in peanut butter. Trust us, it won’t help.

BlackBerry Storm tips

Rescue+Mobile now available for BlackBerry


We first gave you a sneak peak of Rescue+Mobile at CTIA in September, LogMeIn’s remote support tool for mobile platforms. LogMeIn has now announced that Rescue+Mobile is now available for BlackBerry.

You can learn more about Rescue+Mobile at the link below. Pricing and device support is available after the jump.

LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile Features

LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile Pricing and Support

AT&T BlackBerry Bold tips and how to’s


AT&T BlackBerry Bold Tips

The ever helpful Ronen from BerryReview has found a super handy .ZIP file for all those new AT&T BlackBerry Bold users that need a bit of help to get rocking, or want a few tips to max out their experience. Here’s a list of the documents included in the .ZIP file:

    * a BB Bold Data Sheet
    * a Tips & Tricks and Shortcuts document
    * a how-to on using your Bold as a tethered modem
    * a how-to on setting up your Bold’s WiFi

Click on the link below to download the files and become better acquainted with your new BlackBerry Bold.

AT&T BlackBerry Bold Tips and How To’s


RIM explains available BlackBerry Network Transports


BlackBerry Network Transports

RIM developer support guru extraordinaire Mike Kirkup is at it again, this time explain the difference between all the network transports available for BlackBerry developers. This is a great resource for developers new to the BlackBerry space that have idea of the difference between a BIS-B or MDS transport. Here’s a list of the transports Mr. Kirkup explains:

* BlackBerry MDS or BES
* BIS-B – BlackBerry Internet Service
* Direct TCP
* WAP (2.0, 1.0, 1.1)
* WiFi

You can click on the image above or hit the link below to watch this informative video. Thanks, RIM!

BlackBerry Network Transports Explained


BlackBerry newbies blog about ‘their first time’


QuicklyBored LogoThe delirious post monkeys over at our sister site QuicklyBored recently received BlackBerrys to increase productivity (i.e., they wanted a raise, so we gave them some of our hand-me-downs instead). Since then, they’ve been blogging like crazy, describing both the joys and the frustrations involved in their new addiction. Our boy Simon also sat down with them for a podcast on the BlackBerry’s mobile entertainment capabilities and the most recent BlackBerry 9000 rumors. You can listen to it here, and check out some of their most recent posts below.

Installing software to your BlackBerry via OTA
Taking BlackBerry screenshots is a huge pain
Using TinyTube on your BlackBerry (Part 2)

Feel free to mock their blatant newbery, but make sure to also include some handy tips to help them along their way. The BlackBerry community takes care of its own, after all.