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RIM and China Mobile Launch BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)


rim and china mobile

Yesterday, RIM and China Mobile launched BlackBerry Internet Service for individual BlackBerry users. Starting this month, users can sign up at a China Mobile service center but will have to provide their own BlackBerry devices. Plans will cost from RMB 98 to 108 per month, offering 30MB and 50MB of data. Overage costs will be RMB 1/MB.

Any Chinese users/readers out there taking advantage of this?

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BIS 3.0 and 3.1 to Feature Better Google Sync and WMA Support


A diagram of BIS operation

BBleaks threw up some more details about BIS 3.0 and I’m personally really looking forward to this. The latest info about BIS 3.0, tells us we’ll see:

  • OpenOffice file support: presentations, text documents and spreadsheets.
  • Support for WMA (Windows Media Audio).

Previously, we heard BIS 3.0, coming in March of 2010, will improve the Gmail plugin so as to sync deleted, read/unread and sent messages between the messages folder and your Gmail. BIS 3.0 will also include the ability to add and remove labels from your device.

BIS 3.1, which is rumored to arrive soon after, will feature the ability to:

  • Synchronize Google Calendar
  • Synchronize your address book from Hotmail account
  • Synchronize your address book from Yahoo
  • Yahoo mailbox will cause an automatic download of Yahoo messenger on the device

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New Report Focuses on the Secureness of BlackBerrys on BIS



SMobile’s Global Threat Center (GTC) has released a research study on proof of concept malicious applications that could potentially infect the BlackBerry platform. The paper concludes that there are certain instances of attacks that may be successful in bypassing BlackBerry’s security framework, and poses a significant risk to the confidentiality of the user. Since SMobile Security is in the business of creating anti-virus protection for mobile, it’s obviously in their best interests to release a report exposing “significant risks”, but nonethless they may be on to something.

The report was created using a Proof-of-Concept malicious application that focuses specifically on a BlackBerry using the BIS network. These BlackBerrys run on a weakened security platform when compared to the BES, and are primarily protected using a permissions accepted or denied by the user. Some of the questions this report brings to mind are: is the increasing number of BIS subscribers, going to affect the overall security of the BlackBerry platform? What will a primarily BIS customer base do to the reputation of BlackBerry as the most secure platform? Are permissions enough to protect a user who is new to smartphones, and may not know the harm a malicious application can cause?

Download the full report here.

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Are you experiencing a BIS outage?


There are reports all around that the BIS is down across North America. Personally, I never notice these things when they happen because I’m on a BES, but I feel for everyone affected. The outages are reported with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Again, there are so many reasons why the BIS might be down that it’s impossible to speculate, but if multiple carriers are affected, it’s probably a node somewhere in RIM’s network.

Are you experiencing an outage? Where are you and who is your network provider?

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BlackBerry Internet Service maintenance tonight – changelog included



The BlackBerry Internet Service will be upgrading to 2.7 6/26 11 PM- 6/27 3 AM throughout the US, Canada and finally the Americas. The upgrade will be to improve the help screen, language support as well as add a minor change to the option menu. During the 4 hours when maintenance is going on, users won’t be able to access their BIS accounts.

If you’re looking to connect with friends tonight, make sure it’s via SMS and not your BIS email.

Click through to read the changes that will be made to BIS 2.7