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(Rumor) Sprint BlackBerry Niagara details confirmed UPDATED


Sometimes you need to post a poorly researched rumor in order to get the real details. Recently, an engineer at Sprint confirmed the following details about the Sprint BlackBerry Niagara:
The BlackBerry Niagara is slated to launch in Q3 and will have the following specs:

GSM 850, 900,1800,1900and UMTS 2100 (japan)
International Data will support GPRS, EDGE, UMTS & HSPA
3MP Camera
1400 MA Battery
Verizon will launch the device before Sprint because they are basically just paying for the Broadcom patent infringement to use the chipset in its existing form.  Sprint wants the re-engineering effort to happen so they don’t have to pay the Broadcom fee so their launch will be a little later.

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UPDATE: Niagara closely follows the Javelin ID and styling. Most unique characteristic will be the battery cover with a gray/black dot matrixed print scheme with chrome accent “flying bb’s”. JavelinNiagara will simply be a CDMA version of the 8900.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 hands on video


Our boy Kevin at CrackBerry has made another hands on video of a pre-released BlackBerry, this time of the BlackBerry Curve 8900, formally known as the BlackBerry Javelin. According to Kevin, you can think of the Curve 8900 in two ways: as a 83xx Curve on steroids or a toned-down BlackBerry Bold.

Hmmm, Curve 8900, Bold or BlackBerry Storm? Make sure to ask Kevin when you see him at the BlackBerry Cool 15.

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BlackBerry Javelin appears on T-Mobile Germany site as BlackBerry Curve 8900


t-mobile germany blackberry curve 8900

I remember the quiet days of 2005, when the BlackBerry Nation only had one or two BlackBerry devices a year to look forward to. I bet in all the BlackBerry Storm news you completely forgot about the BlackBerry Javelin, didn’t you? Well, T-Mobile Germany didn’t forget, posting the device on their site as the BlackBerry Curve 8900 with a November release date.

So should we expect a flurry of BlackBerry Curve 8900 leaks in the coming weeks before the device is officially announced?

T-Mobile Germany BlackBerry Curve 9000

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BlackBerry Niagara and BlackBerry Apex — CDMA BlackBerry Update!


blackberry apex

CDMA BlackBerry users have a history of getting the short end of the stick: fewer and later devices, generally worse battery life… etc. Based upon what BlackBerry News is reporting, CDMA BlackBerry now users have a lot more than the BlackBerry Storm to be excited about — here comes the BlackBerry Niagara and the BlackBerry Apex.

First up the BlackBerry Apex, which will be a CDMA Rev. 0 version of the Kickstart or BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. Look for this BlackBerry to come out in 2009.

Next up is the BlackBerry Niagara, which is a slightly more complicated pickle. BlackBerry News is stating that it is a CDMA Rev. A successor to the BlackBerry 8830 rather than the CDMA counterpart to the GSM BlackBerry Javelin, which is an upgraded version of the BlackBerry Curve. Confused yet? Instead, BlackBerry News claims that the CDMA Curve update will be codenamed ‘Jupiter‘ featuring EVDO Rev. 0.

However, a quick look at one of the slides released by the Boy Genius (seen after the jump) shows that RIM is still considering the BlackBerry Javelin and Niagara in the same breath. Hopefully we’ll be able to sort out this mess of BlackBerrys sooner or later.

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RIM BlackBerry Niagara and BlackBerry Apex slides

BlackBerry Javelin 8900 Hands-on impressions


BlackBerry Javelin 8900

Our friend Kevin over at CrackBerry.com has done it again, this getting his hands on a pre-release BlackBerry Javelin 8900. Kevin hasn’t delved too far into the Javelin’s features yet to offer the final word on the device, but his initial impression as a “Curve on steroids” is encouraging to those who want the power of the BlackBerry Bold in a smaller frame. Here’s a quick summary of the device:

Better display than the BlackBerry Bold. Hard to imagine, but true. The Javelin 8900 has a smaller screen but higher, 480 x 360 pixel resolution.
Improved camera over the Bold. A 3.2 MPx camera, with a class cover protecting the lens and flash Makes the Javelin perfect for shutterbugs.
Keypad resembles the BlackBerry 8700. The navigation buttons are also smaller than the Bold’s and you may be able to change the trackball color to gray or black.
Very different side layout. The right side of the BlackBerry Javelin features a headphone jack and Micro-USB controls in addition to volume controls and convenience key.

Good job Kevin! So are you a Bold man now or pure Javelin?

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BlackBerry Javelin 8900 photos and key features

BlackBerry Javelin to feature OS 4.7, fix Javascript issues


BlackBerry Javelin 8900

I know that many of you in the BlackBerry Nation have just gotten your hands on OS 4.5, and unless you’re packing a BlackBerry Bold (like us), haven’t even seen OS 4.6 yet. But the time has come to start talking about OS 4.7, which we’ve heard will make its debut with the BlackBerry Javelin, otherwise known as the BlackBerry 8900.

While we haven’t heard much about the incremental updates OS 4.7 will feature over the current BlackBerry Bold OS, we do know that it will feature an update to the BlackBerry Browser which should fix the Javascript issues which currently plague the BlackBerry Bold. This news falls in line with earlier reports that with the 4.6 version of the BlackBerry Browser, RIM had focused on stability over speed, and would be looking to optimize performance in future versions.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground in the hopes of telling you more about OS 4.7. For now, check out all known BlackBerry Javelin specs and a list of related articles after the jump.

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