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RIM announces the BlackBerry Pearl 8220, we called it


BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Not much to say here. We told you this was going to happen yesterday. It’s extremely late and we have many more interesting things to post about, but make sure to to say hello to RIM’s first FlipBerry after the jump.

Click here to see the full BlackBerry 8220 press release

The BlackBerry Pearl 8220 will be announced Wednesday at CTIA


Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Sometimes it pays off to arrive to the party early. Wandering the streets of San Francisco this afternoon anticipating what wireless news CTIA will bring, I ran into a few old industry friends on Market St, having just touched down and looking for their hotel. After some idle chat, they were able to confirm a sneaking suspicion we’ve had since late Sunday night: RIM will officially announce the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 this Wednesday during CTIA.

We first had the itch that a fresh BlackBerry announcement was coming when our friends at CrackBerry tipped us off to the fact that Rogers had sent out flyers in Canadian newspapers promoting the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 before any official announcements had been made. We’ll do our best to learn if RIM plans to reveal any information about the BlackBerry Storm or Javelin as well, and maybe try to bust into the CTIA showfloor early in the hopes of snapping some pics of RIM’s booth.

Rogers promoting BlackBerry Pearl 8220 before release, any announcement


Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Flyer

Well now, isn’t this a strange bit of news. Remember that Rogers promotional flyer we showed you confirming the BlackBerry Pearl 8220‘s priced at $150 CAN? It turns out that this flyer has found its way into newspapers across the country. This, in and of itself, isn’t so unusual until you remember that the BlackBerry 8220, previously known as the BlackBerry KickStart, has never been officially announced or acknowledged by either RIM or Rogers. While upgrades to older models, like the BlackBerry 8820, often don’t receive separate press releases, I can’t remember another time a BlackBerry has been promoted before any RIM employee can officially speak of its existence.

This would lead us to believe that an official announcement for the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 should be coming very soon, either this week at CTIA (maybe during Jim Balsillie’s keynote?), or even sooner. As I write this late Sunday night in foggy San Francisco, Rogers’ BlackBerry page is currently down, which might mean they’re updating it with 8220 info. Regardless, for now we’ll just have to keep a close eye on things and assume someone in Rogers PR didn’t press ‘print’ a little too soon.

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Click here to see full BlackBerry Pearl 8220 device specs

BlackBerry Javelin meets up with Bold and Kickstart


BlackBerry Javelin, BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Kickstart

It looks like the BlackBerry 8900 is really making the rounds these days, as separate sources have been able to provide some side-by-side shots of the upcoming Javelin against the BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, and the BlackBerry Kickstart Pearl 8220. This is the first time that we’ve seen all three of RIM’s next-gen devices in one spot together, and I think will be a good indicator of what the BlackBerry web page will look like in the next couple of months. When the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder Storm 9500 gets thrown into the mix, we’ll have four new classes total, but as is, these three will be replacing the old Pearl, Curve and 8800 lineups. What do you guys think? Are these three an honest evolution to RIM’s existing strategy? How well will the BlackBerry 9500 fit in?

The BlackBerry 8220 will be RIM’s first flip device, and will be due on Rogers for around $150 on a three-year plan (no word on T-Mobile’s pricing) sometime this September, while the BlackBerry Javelin (8900) should be coming a little bit later, around November or December. It doesn’t have the 3G that the Bold does, but will have a nicer camera, a slimmer profile and a screen that’s just as nice. If you can’t wait for the Kickstart, there’s one up on Ebay now

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Check behind the jump for BlackBerry Javelin versus the BlackBerry Curve, the Kickstart against the Bold and the World Edition, and purported device specs…

Rogers BlackBerry 8220 priced at $149.99


Rogers BlackBerry 8220

Well, so much for those dreams of a $50 pricetag. The latest Rogers ad materials are showing off the upcoming flip BlackBerry Pearl for $149.99 on a three-year contract – not what you’d call a generous back-to-school offer for the students who might be interested in grabbing one of these. Previous info was confirming a $50 promotion, but at this point it’s all up in the air until launch, ballparked for around mid-September. Word has it T-Mobile customers will also be getting the Kickstart – hopefully they’ll have more humane pricing.

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Second picture of promo material and BlackBerry 8220 specifications behind the jump!

“Nevermind the BlackBerry Bold, Kickstart’s where it’s at”: Analyst


BlackBerry Bold

RBC’s Michael Abramsky is encouraging investors to look beyond the BlackBerry Bold as an indicator of RIM’s future progress, citing the BlackBerry 8200 (Kickstart) and BlackBerry 9500 (Thunder) as the big things to be looking forward to.

Abramsky considers ‘concerns over BlackBerry Bold’s pricing, features vs. iPhone 3G as overdone,’ arguing that the Bold is ‘an evolutionary 3G Blackberry targeted at upgraders and prosumers/business users while the iPhone 3G is a consumer-focused device targeted at media-centric
Smartphone consumers.’

The ongoing iPhone 3G comparison is a little bit off – we definitely felt more at home putting the BlackBerry 9000 against the Nokia E71. The real head-butting won’t come between Apple and RIM, Abarmsky argues, but rather between the two of them and Nokia and Motorola. They are the bigger fish in the consumer pond, and could easily become targets as RIM and Apple gain traction in that market. Abramsky’s holding an ‘outperform’ rating for RIM’s stock with a $165 price target.

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