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AT&T BlackBerry Bold launch party website appears


AT&T BlackBerry Bold Launch Party

More encouraging news for AT&T subscribers today. In addition to the October 26th Best Buy launch date, AT&T has now posted a registration page for six different BlackBerry Bold launch parties, running from October 15th to the 30th.

So take heart, AT&T subscribers. It looks like you should have your BlackBerry Bold before halloween!

AT&T BlackBerry Bold Launch Party Registration

United Kingdom and Jamaica next to get the BlackBerry Bold


vodafone uk blackberrybold prices

The list of countries now carrying the BlackBerry Bold continues to grow, as Vodafone UK and Cable and Wireless Jamaica both made announcements on Friday while we were stuck in airport hell (note: never tell U.S. Customs that your name is “Cool. BlackBerry Cool.” They won’t think it’s funny).

While there’s no word yet on BlackBerry Bold pricing for C&W Jamaica, Voda UK has posted their pricing lists and they’ll make you scream “God save the Queen!” Featuring a variety of plans, Vodafone is offering the Bold for anywhere between free and £187, with a special Anytime promotion of £35 a month with a 2 year contract for 600 minutes, unlimited text messaging and 500 MB of data. Definitely something we’re not used to seeing on this side of the pond.

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(via RIM/Jamaica Gleaner)