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Possible specs for BlackBerry Bold 9900 aka Pluto and Magnum 9220



Every now and then we come across a spec sheet put together by a fairly unknown source. Today, we’re seeing the possible specs for the BlackBerry Pluto and the BlackBerry Magnum.

The BlackBerry Pluto hasn’t shown it’s face in the blogosphere yet but there are rumors of it being touchscreen QWERTY hybrid. According to these specs, it’s closer to the Onyx, and it’s a Bold replacement. The specs are a little off but that is to be expected with prerelease devices. For example, the optical trackpad isn’t listed but that is usually the last thing to be put into the device before release. The Magnum is listed as having the Bold as a predecessor, and rumors suggest the Magnum is basically an 8900 with 3G.

I’ve posted the rumored specs for both, but I’m personally really skeptical. For now, lets just use the specs as a launching pad for discussions about the upcoming devices.

What do you think about the specs as they’re presented? The expected release dates for both devices is September 2009, which is doable but really soon.

Click through for the potential specs for the BlackBerry 9900 aka Pluto and the BlackBerry Magnum 9220