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BlackBerry Traffic App Updated with Sharing and More Route Options


blackberry traffic app

RIM has updated the BlackBerry Traffic app with some new features to help you navigate to your final destination. For those who don’t know, the BlackBerry Traffic app helps you establish an ETA, and determine the conditions of your route such as whether a road is closed, or if there’s a faster way to get to your destination. You can then text or email whoever you’re visiting to let them know when you’re arriving. Updates to the app include:

  • Select between two routes to a destination, and can use a new traffic view that displays predicted traffic conditions for each route.
  • Pre-set destinations, such as work or home, or get an ETA to destinations from within their BlackBerry Contacts, enter an address manually, or find new places using the search feature.
  • Quickly share ETAs with contacts via SMS, email, or PIN message
  • BlackBerry Traffic also identifies the best time to leave and optimizes ETA, by using anonymously collected data, which is crowdsourced from users running the app as well as historical traffic data, to predict ETA with great accuracy.

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aiSpot GPS Toolset App Updated with Improved Maps View and Integration


aispot gps toolset

Aion has updated their aiSPot GPS Toolset app with improved maps view, better integration with BlackBerry Maps, as well as Italian and Russian language support.

A 2010 BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge, Regional Selection, aiSPot GPS Toolset has a long feature set that makes it a powerful app for anyone in need of a good mapping app. One particularly cool feature of aiSpot is the map view which constantly aligns according to your movement. Overlayed on the map is a compass with bearing (azimuth to the destination point), and trip parameters like the course angle, distance covered, and more.

More information available at this store link.

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BlackBerry Maps Adds 34 More Countries and Points of Interest


blackberry maps
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BlackBerry Maps has been extended to 34 new countries including Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, The Philippines and Taiwan. There are still a few regions such as North Africa, the Middle East and East Asia, and Western Latin America that are not covered but I’m sure we’ll see announcements about coverage in these areas soon enough.
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MobileTracker GPS Tracklog App Updated with Torch Support and Sale



Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd. just released version 1.5 of their popular GPS tracking application MobileTracker for BlackBerry. The latest update includes full BlackBerry Torch support as well as a BlackBerry Maps preview feature. To coincide with the update announcement, MobileTracker is available for a special introductory offer of 50% off. Other features of the app include:

  • Records a GPS tracklog.
  • Elevation and time can be tracked.
  • Easy one-click tracklog recording.
  • Extensive statistical information and background tracking.

Check out MobileTracker in the BlackBerryCool Store.

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GPS now unlock for Verizon BlackBerry 8130 and 8330 (BlackBerry Bytes)


A bunch of people have sent us emails that Verizon has now unlocked the GPS functionality for the BlackBerry 8130 and 8330. This will allow Verizon subscribers to finally use BlackBerry Maps (by selecting the ‘internal GPS’ option in your settings)! However, Google Maps will not work as Verizon deems it a ‘security risk’.

You’re going to need OS 4.5 to experience GPS freedom on your Verizon BlackBerry. Thankfully, we have all the information you need to upgrade to OS 4.5 at the links below.

BlackBerry OS 4.5 now available from BlackBerry.com/Upgrades. No, seriously.
How To: Upgrade your BlackBerry Software


Free GPS compass on your BlackBerry


CompassRonen just posted a review of Neosistec’s CarFinder, which lets you mark a location using your GPS-enabled device to find it later. Saving locations is something BlackBerry Maps does anyway, but having a little compass which keeps you pointed in that direction is a great extra feature which you don’t get otherwise. Combined with the option to send the location to others, the app pretty handy outside of just finding your car. On the whole, it looks more lightweight and easy to use than BB Maps if you’re just looking for this kind of casual use. If this is something you’re interested in trying out, you can download CarFinder free over the air from http://bb.neosistec.com/carfinder.