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BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 now available for download


BlackBerry Media Sync 3

It’s pretty normal for RIM to announce something before it’s available but I thought it would be better to ignore the embargo time of 10AM EST and wait until Media Sync 3.0 was available and I can tell you to go download it. While the official download time is noon EST, I’ve been getting emails saying you can actually go right now and download it.

The latest BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 adds 2-way photo sync with your PC via files and folders. The latest version is all about making the experience more user friendly and simple, which they have definitely done.

Here is a quick summary of the latest update:
Click through for more about BlackBerry Media Sync 3

RIM updates BlackBerry Media Sync 2.0 today


BlackBerry Media Sync is an express route from your desktop iTunes or Windows Media Player music library to your BlackBerry. RIM will be updating BlackBerry Media Sync 2.0 to support Windows Media Player very shortly. The update will be available for download today at 4 pm EST.

To download, go here.

BlackBerry users who have already downloaded BlackBerry MediaSync will be notified that an upgrade is available.

BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac hands-on


It seems as though RIM has finally heard the cries of many Mac BlackBerry (MacBerry?) users. Earlier this week they released a ‘Preview’ build of BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac, and I had to give it a test run. In general, it works as advertised and syncing playlists is surprisingly fast. Unfortunately, you can’t just drag over iTunes albums as is, but have to make a playlist out of each.

Here’s some things to keep in mind:

    This is a ‘preview’ build. RIM seems afraid of Mac development and has gone out of their way to tell users that their not legally responsible if Mac Media Sync roxXors yurz blakberreez. You have been warned.
    Mac Media Sync will not work with Pocket Mac or Missing Sync. Which would be fine if RIM had also released a Mac Desktop Manager, but one step at a time, I guess.

Download BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac

BlackBerry Media Sync updated, now supports album art


BlackBerry Media Sync

RIM has officially released a new version of the BlackBerry Media Sync, which allows users to sync their BlackBerry Media Player with their favorite iTunes playlists. Version now includes album art support as well as a few other features (Vista 64-bit support and a bunch of new languages). The inclusion of album art support is actually enough to get me to start using Media Sync over drag ‘n dropping my music files onto my MicroSDHC card. Oh wait, at least I would if MEDIA SYNC WERE AVAILABLE FOR MAC. Sigh.

Below you can find a download link to version, as well as a handy knowledge base article telling you how to use Media Sync.

BlackBerry Media Sync
BlackBerry Media Sync Knowledge Base article
General BlackBerry Media Sync support

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BlackBerry Media Sync now available (BlackBerry Bytes)


Our good pal Ronen has posted that, in addition to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, BlackBerry Media Sync has also received an upgrade. Media Sync is a nifty piece of software that allows you to sync your iTunes playlists with your BlackBerry. The update moves Media Sync from to, so don’t expect much more than a few bug fixes and new device (read: BlackBerry Storm) support.

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