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WiFi Media Backup for BlackBerry Transfers Media to PC



Chocolate Chunk Apps have just released WiFi Media Backup for BlackBerry which allows you to automatically upload photos, videos and voice-notes from your BlackBerry to your PC, wirelessly and in the background.

This is a great feature in that you can roam around all day, taking photos, video or voice notes, and when you return to your office or home, they’re there waiting for you on your PC. The application requires two parts: a BlackBerry app, and a lightweight PC application called Media Server.

This app is a great product for anyone who uses a lot of the media capabilities of their device and wants a backup of it all on their PC. Personally, I wish the sync would go both ways, and include the ability to transfer music files as well. That would make this the ultimate over-the-air media app.

More information about WiFi Media Backup available in the BlackBerry Cool store.

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New music player for BlackBerry Unsynced aims to outperform Apple



A little less than a year ago, Jim Balsillie was given a lot of criticism for saying that the BlackBerry platform will beat out Apple when it comes to media. There hasn’t been much development on the native music player and while it serves the basic purpose, there’s a lot that could be improved.

This is where BlackBerry has the advantage over iPhone. Apple would never let another company try and compete with their native applications such as the browser, but RIM welcomes third party software. The latest BlackBerry media solution is from Unsynced, an all-in-one music experience for BlackBerry that the company promises will one day make all of your Apple friends jealous.

Some of the features of Unsycned include:

  • Painstaking care has been taken to ensure Unsynced Music is efficient and predictable.
  • The Unsync button will capture song information. Unsynced does a search on their end and e-mail you the most relevant results so that you won’t forget to “purchase” it when you get home.
  • Use any PC to drag and drop music into folders on your BlackBerry using Mass Storage Mode. Listen to your newly added songs through Browse Files, or quickly create new playlists through Create/Modify Playlists, giving you the freedom to add to your music experience not just at home, but wherever you go.
  • Progress indicators for those long podcasts.
  • Customizable color themes to match your style.
  • Send song info to friends to share your tastes.

Download Unsynced Music for your Bold or 8900.

Or visit m.unsynced.com from your BlackBerry browser.

{Currently only available for the Bold and 8900. More devices to come soon]
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