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New BlackBerry Messenger Available in Beta Zone

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If you haven’t joined the BlackBerry Beta Zone, I would sign up now because they have just released the latest Beta version of BlackBerry Messenger From what I’ve heard about this latest version of BBM, is that it’s mostly backend work and performance improvements. Downloading it now, join me.

Head over to the Beta Zone if you haven’t already registered.

Leaked BlackBerry Messenger Version Available

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There is a leaked version of BBM courtesy of Nathanix circulating that may have some performance fixes over the official version It could also come with some performance deterioration as this is unofficial software. The only way to tell is by checking it out. Anyone taking the plunge with me?

Download BBM from Nathanix.

[Read it first from PocketBerry]

BlackBerry Messenger Users Spam Disinformation About Haiti Donations

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There is a BBM spam message going around that suggests 35 cents will be donated to help Haiti when you forward the message to others. The message reads:

“Because of what has transpired in Haiti recently, Blackberry (sic) has decided to help out and give 35 cents for the cause when you pass this message along to your friends on BBM”

While most readers are familiar with BBM, and have probably disregarded the message, there are still some new users who are genuinely confused. Since BBM messages are totally free, passing the message on won’t incur a fee, it’s just misleading.
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McAfee Warns Users About BlackBerry Messenger Spam and Hoaxes

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TrustedSource, the site maintained by Internet security specialists McAfee, are calling out BlackBerry Messenger as a potential threat for spam and hoaxes. The site is a hub for statistics gathered by McAfee and its customers, to give timely information about security threats and viruses. Their latest blog post reads:
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Update BlackBerry Messenger Now to Fix Issues

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The BlackBerry outage that has been affecting users across North America was caused by BBM and it’s crucial that everyone download the latest version of BBM ( to correct the issue.

Download the latest BBM from www.blackberry.com/messenger.

According to an official statement from RIM:

RIM Statement – December 23rd – A service interruption occurred Tuesday that affected BlackBerry customers in the Americas. Message delivery was delayed or intermittent during the service interruption. Phone service and SMS services on BlackBerry smartphones were unaffected. Root cause is currently under review, but based on preliminary analysis, it currently appears that the issue stemmed from a flaw in two recently released versions of BlackBerry Messenger (versions and that caused an unanticipated database issue within the BlackBerry infrastructure.

RIM has taken corrective action to restore service. RIM has also provided a new version of BlackBerry Messenger (version and is encouraging anyone who downloaded or upgraded BlackBerry Messenger since December 14th to upgrade to this latest version which resolves the issue. RIM continues to monitor its systems to maintain normal service levels and apologizes for any inconvenience to customers.

RIM has got to pick up its socks and not let these outages continue to happen. It has to be the worst public relations disaster for a company that prides itself on reliability. Hopefully this will change in the New Year.

BlackBerry Messenger Updated to Version

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My BlackBerry Chick by Cashtro Crosby

BBM has been updated to version There have been problems reported with BBM today so it may affect the download.


BlackBerry Messenger official and ready for download

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If you’re using the latest version of BBM, you’re most likely running version If you’re interested in trying the latest BBM, head over to mobile.blackberry.com from your BlackBerry browser.

The most notable difference here is that SMS is built into the BBM experience. Contacts that are in your BBM list, who send you a text message, will have their threaded SMS conversation in the “Chats” section of BBM. This may not be new to those who are on top of the BBM leaks, but it’s the first I’ve noticed it. Other than that, it’s a lot of maintenance work.

BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS with new version of BBM included

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Photo courtesy of @robinhood_bb

Got a BBM from Ronen this morning that OS is available for the Bold 9700. This is a pretty exciting leak as it’s supposed to come with a new version of BlackBerry Messenger (

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

BlackBerry Messenger can help your small business stay organized

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BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

I have been using BlackBerry Messenger for some time now to organize projects around the office, and I have to say, it is providing some serious competition to my previous solution, Basecamp by 37signals. With the latest updates to BBM, the BlackBerry is an even better tool for SMB (Small to Medium Business).

While BBM doesn’t have all the functionality that Basecamp provides, it does address some core features and it is a solid platform on which to collaborate. Here is a quick guide to using BlackBerry Messenger to run your small business:

Click through for a simple guide to using BlackBerry Messenger in your small business

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 now officially available

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UPDATE: To download OTA, go to BlackBerry.com/messenger from your device.

Finally, BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 has launched! The easiest way to download it would be directly from App World, as we’ve been having some issues downloading it from the mobile site at blackberry.com/blackberrymessenger.

The latest version of BlackBerry Messenger features:

  • Avatars can be easily set up and then populated from BlackBerry Contacts.
  • Group Functionality - allows groups of friends, family and personal contacts to stay connected & share experiences instantly on their BlackBerry smartphones:
    • ongoing group chat
    • sharing pictures
    • organizing tasks and events with shared lists and calendars
  • Bar-code identity - easily add/invite contacts to BlackBerry Messenger by displaying a 2-dimensional bar code that the invitees can capture with their BlackBerry camera
  • Large Media File Transfer - up to 6MB
  • Download it now and let us know what you think!

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