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BlackBerry News 1.0 Now Available for the PlayBook Tablet


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The tablet form factor is a bit of an anomaly. Do you really need a tablet between your smartphone and your computer? There are a handful of times when the tablet is a better form factor than a laptop and one of those is when reading. RSS feeds and eBooks are great on a tablet and while there are a handful of RSS readers in App World, it’s cool to see the BlackBerry News app in there as well. With the News app, a user can consolidate and access all of their RSS feeds within one app on the BlackBerry PlayBook. New feeds can be easily added by browsing the content library, or searching for specific keywords or URLs.

The app also comes with pre-populated feeds from top news sites providing instant access to popular content from multiple providers on a variety of topics. Categories include: Arts & Entertainment, Business, Health & Lifestyle, News Headlines, Science & the Environment, Technology, and Travel.

The BlackBerry News app for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has been optimized for the PlayBook, and leverages the tablet’s gesture-based navigation including:
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BlackBerry Software Roadmap Leaked Detailing OS 7 and More


2011 software roadmap

RIM’s software roadmap has been leaked and it details what apps RIM will be focusing on for the rest of the year. It looks like RIM’s big priorities this year are:

BlackBerry OS 7
BIS 4.0/4.1
BlackBerry Protect
BlackBerry ID
App World 2.1 and App World for PlayBook
BlackBerry News 1.1
TicketMaster 2.0
Social Feeds

There isn’t any news about OS 7 just yet and it’s not clear whether it will be the QNX OS or another update to their legacy operating system. One thing we do know, is that RIM is focusing its attention on social networking and fostering more sharing of content and communication. While it’s cool to see RIM developing apps that make the BlackBerry experience better, you have to wonder why the third party developer market can’t do it for them. If RIM worked harder on making the platform value proposition better for developers, they wouldn’t have to develop the software in-house.

Hit the jump to check out the upcoming features for RIM’s first party apps.
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BlackBerry News Feeds App 1.01 Now Available in Beta Zone


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The BlackBerry News Feeds app is a pretty cool RSS reader for your BlackBerry. The app is a little redundant for BlackBerry 6 users, but RIM probably wanted users to have something for the OS 4.6 to OS 5 users. Even if that was the reason, it seems like a waste of time considering there are third party RSS readers. In any case, the latest update to the News Feeds app includes:
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Dealing With the Redundancies in BlackBerry 6


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The BlackBerry community seems very focused on the QNX OS these days but we won’t be seeing QNX smartphones until 2012 at least. With the PlayBook announcements, the conversation is shifting away from imperfections in the current platform, and towards the future smartphone and OS we won’t see for some time to come. The conversation needs to be pulled back to BlackBerry 6, and what RIM can do with OS updates to make the experience better for current BlackBerry users. Something that has become glaringly obvious with BlackBerry 6, is the amount of redundancy that is built into the OS. And I don’t mean redundancy in the fail-safe way. I mean it in the “I see this icon/feature implemented in several places and it’s starting to annoy me” way.
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RIM Rolling Out BlackBerry News Feeds App in Beta Form


social feeds app for BlackBerry 6
Social Feeds

A new app will be hitting the App World Test Center and Beta Zone over the next couple days called BlackBerry News Feeds. The app is an integrated RSS reader that lets you read your daily news and share it with your contacts. Not much is known about this app but hopefully it will have some integration with Google Reader, otherwise many users won’t switch over from their current solutions.

Something that is really puzzling about this new app is the redunduncy it causes with BlackBerry 6 users that already have Social Feeds on their device. Perhaps this app is more focused on the OS 5 and below crowd. It’s also possible that the app uses some of the awesomeness from Viigo’s app, which has been dead ever since they were acquired by RIM.Hit the jump for details from RIM.
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