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Theme Studio Updated with Pearl 9100 and Bold 9650 Support


The updated Theme Studio is now available with support for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 and the BlackBerry Bold 9650. There doesn’t seem to be anything else new other than device support in BlackBerry Theme Studio Serve Pack 1. Ideally, the Theme Studio team would be much more active considering they represent such a large percentage of App World content. RIM could be investing money in giving theme developers more wallpapers, icon sets and animations to work with.

Download BlackBerry Theme Studio v5.0.

Also, be sure to check out our article on how to create a basic animated theme.
Dev Blog also has some tips on using Adobe Photoshop to build your themes.

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Review of the Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100


The original BlackBerry Pearl 8100 was a breakthrough device. It was the first BlackBerry to sport a camera as well as being the first trackball-controlled device. It was obvious upon its December 2006 release that RIM was taking aim at the Nokia feature phone market with a new breed of consumer-friendly devices.

Since then, the BlackBerry Pearl has been a regular character in the cast of top 10 stateside-sold smartphones. Usually priced at around $100, the BlackBerry Pearl form factor is a proven product line that, thanks to the Pearl 3G, can no longer be labeled entry-level.
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App World on BlackBerry Pearl 3G Incorrectly Displays Themes


It’s a little ridiculous that Theme Builder has fallen behind the release of the Bold 9650 and Pearl 9100. Currently, there are some workarounds for the 9650 as the device falls into the 96xx family, but there is nothing for the 9100 as the screen size is unique and Theme Builder hasn’t been updated. Developers have been submitting themes to Mobihand and saying they’re compatible for the 9100, which led some BlackBerryCool readers to point out that the themes category in the BlackBerryCool Store should be empty and whatever themes that were there were mislabeled. The problem is now fixed but it seems App World is having a similar issue on their end, as App World on the Pearl 3G shows 24 themes. If you download any of these themes, you obviously get an error. Thankfully, you won’t get charged because the download fails, but it’s still going to have a negative impact on the user experience.

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Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 Now Available with No Themes


Amazing. The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is now available on Rogers’ site and Theme Builder has not been updated yet. This means that people purchasing a Pearl 3G have a big fat (0) beside their Themes category which means they’ll also have over 30% less content in App World available for their device. The whole situation is like Starbucks launching a new store without any coffee available. It doesn’t make any sense no matter how you slice it.

See this editorial for a longer rant about Theme Builder not being ready for device launches.

The Pearl 3G from Rogers costs $49.99 on a 3 year contract. You can also get it for $424.99 sans commitment.

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Theme Builder Update Needed for BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and Beyond


The BlackBerry Pearl 3G aka 9100/9105, has been announced on major carriers such as Rogers and TELUS as well as it should be arriving on T-Mobile and WIND. The device hasn’t hit actual stores yet but there are some floating around in the wild, and it’s expected that the device will hit stores any day now. The problem, is that the team responsible for updating theme builder haven’t yet released a patch or new version, allowing theme designers to make 9100 themes, and therefore there may not be any themes available for the Pearl 3G when it hits stores.
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Pixelated and Pixelated Plus Now Available for the Pearl 3G


Pixelated is a simple puzzle game that involves changing pixel colors in order to create a single solid color on the screen. The ultimate goal of the game is to clear the screen in as few moves as possible. Pixelated also features a cool achievement system, that encourages you to get perfect scores on every level.

Pixelated and Pixelated Plus have both been upgraded to version 2.1 adding support for the new BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and 9105. This version also adds an internal link for email support, as well as a few bugfixes.

Check out Pixelated (free) and Pixelated Plus in App World.

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