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BlackBerry Pearl 3G From Best Buy Canada for $79.99 on 3-Yr


The BlackBerry Pearl 3G is now on the Best Buy Canada site for $79.99 on a 3 year contract with Rogers and $449.99 sans contract. We got our hands on the Pearl 3G at WES 2010 and it looks like a great improvement to the Pearl series. Any Pearl users out there looking to upgrade?

Make sure to check out our coverage of the Pearl 3G at WES.

More purchase information about the Pearl 3G available from Best Buy Canada.

Read it on IntoMobile.

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Fight Breast Cancer with a Pink Pearl 3G or Curve 8530 from TELUS


TELUS and the QEII Foundation have announced a “pink” campaign to help bring new innovative breast cancer equipment to Nova Scotia. Between May 6th and October 31st, TELUS is donating $25 to the QEII Foundation for every pink BlackBerry Curve 8530 or upcoming pink BlackBerry Pearl 3G sold.

The TELUS “Go Pink” campaign is spread across Canada and helps by funding breast cancer technologies in facilities such as: BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre Foundation, Alberta Cancer Foundation, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, CancerCare Manitoba, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in Toronto, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, Segal Cancer Center at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital and QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax.

The BlackBerry Curve 8530 is avialable for $49.99 on a three-year plan, and the BlackBerry Pearl 3G will be available for $29.99 on a three-year plan.

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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of April 26th


Of course the big news this week was the annual BlackBerry show WES. This year, RIM announced BlackBerry MVS 5, the Pearl 3G and the Bold 9650. We also received a demo of the upcoming BlackBerry 6, that comes with the latest BlackBerry WebKit browser. It was a great show and I recommend you scroll down to check out BlackBerryCool’s unique coverage of the show.

The latest devices look really great, and RIM’s product line seems to be on a slow and steady chart of improvement. Adoption of BlackBerrys globally is exponential, and if you’re looking for some insight into where the company is heading, make sure to listen/read everything that Mike Lazaridis said during the conference. Hit up the articles after the jump and take the weekend to get caught up.
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WES 2010: Talking BlackBerry Chipsets and Processing Power


The PC innovation boom of the mid-90s was an interesting time. With rapid advancement in processor clock speed, other components couldn’t keep up. What does it matter if you have a good processor, if your hard drive or your memory bus is causing bottlenecks?

In talking with people here at WES, I’ve come to understand a little bit more about BlackBerry, and how it differs from PC engineering. Heat and power-draw can’t be easily engineered around with roomy cooling or big batteries. Engineering advancement on the mobile is a fine art of balancing compromises.

There’s a bit less of a processor focus with the BlackBerry platform. The platform started off as an email device and only recently became a mobile multitasking dynamo. Looking at the last two years of devices, users have begun to take notice of the processor specs.
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WES 2010: Solutions Showcase Featuring the BlackBerry 9100, 9105 and 9650


I’m here at WES 2010 and as you know two new devices were launched today. RIM has set up a solutions showcase to show off the new devices and accessories, and we’ve got some pictures and impressions to show off.

The Pearl colors and accessories had them looking more like consumer electronics than smartphones. Don’t be fooled though, under the hood of the 91XX series are chipsets and memory of a high-end BlackBerry.

The new Pearl device colors look like some of the cutest devices I have ever seen RIM put out. The red gradient, and magenta colors really stand out among all the colorful leather cases and rubber skins. There’s a new leather case that features a built-in mirror that would go well with any modern purse or bag. Some were just skins while others also integrated hard plastics, not unlike the silver edges around the 9650/9700 series. These hard plastics are specifically placed in the impact zones around the edges of the device. For a company that has released a lot of devices meant to look like fierce sports cars, they have shifted gears and made something totally unexpected: purse-candy.
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Interview with the BlackBerry Pearl 3G Product Manager


WES is off to a great start with the announcement of two new BlackBerrys: the Pearl 3G and the Bold 9650. Inside BlackBerry sat down with the Pearl 3G Product Manager Joseph Gordon, to ask a few questions about the device.

The interview starts off with a CV of Joseph Gordon, but the meat of the interview is about the device itself. What were you trying to achieve for the next generation BlackBerry Pearl smartphone?

We wanted to make a revolutionary leap the same way we did with the original BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone, which at the time was our most powerful BlackBerry smartphone despite the smaller size. The same is true with the BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone, as we have worked hard to pack all the power of the BlackBerry platform today in a compact package, with the BlackBerry Pearl 3G being the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone to date. We didn’t want to compromise on style, and we haven’t, as the BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone incorporates some of the elements and design of our premium product lines.
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