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BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip Updates: T-Mobile takes pre-orders while Rogers sends invites


Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 launch party


The fine gents at MobileSyrup have pointed out that Rogers has now placed a “coming soon” page on their site. Still no pricing information, but Big Red already told us their BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 plans pre-CTIA.

A quick scan of our inbox this morning shows where the first two carriers to announce the nascent BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 (does anyone else think that name is just too long?) are in their respective launch plans.

While they haven’t published pricing information yet, T-Mobile has placed a “pre-register” link along with device information on their site. Unfortunately, it appears that for non T-Mobile subscribers, this link merely sends you to the BlackBerry Pearl Flip website that first appeared during CTIA. However, for T-Mobile subscribers, there is an additional link for upgrades. Any T-Mo BBCool readers want to give it a try?

Rogers, conversely, has nothing about the BlackBerry Pearl Flip on their wireless site, but has sent out invitations for sales employees to attend promotional launch parties across Canada. The invites reflect the youthful demographic of the Pearl Flip, containing words like ‘chill’ and text-speak that would only be used by someone born after 1986. Unfortunately, the events aren’t open to press or public; Rogers employees can register at http://www.blackberrypearl8220event.com/.

We’ll keep you up to date when either carrier releases any relevant details for their BlackBerry Pearl Flip launches.


RIM announces the BlackBerry Pearl 8220, we called it


BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Not much to say here. We told you this was going to happen yesterday. It’s extremely late and we have many more interesting things to post about, but make sure to to say hello to RIM’s first FlipBerry after the jump.

Click here to see the full BlackBerry 8220 press release

Rogers promoting BlackBerry Pearl 8220 before release, any announcement


Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Flyer

Well now, isn’t this a strange bit of news. Remember that Rogers promotional flyer we showed you confirming the BlackBerry Pearl 8220‘s priced at $150 CAN? It turns out that this flyer has found its way into newspapers across the country. This, in and of itself, isn’t so unusual until you remember that the BlackBerry 8220, previously known as the BlackBerry KickStart, has never been officially announced or acknowledged by either RIM or Rogers. While upgrades to older models, like the BlackBerry 8820, often don’t receive separate press releases, I can’t remember another time a BlackBerry has been promoted before any RIM employee can officially speak of its existence.

This would lead us to believe that an official announcement for the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 should be coming very soon, either this week at CTIA (maybe during Jim Balsillie’s keynote?), or even sooner. As I write this late Sunday night in foggy San Francisco, Rogers’ BlackBerry page is currently down, which might mean they’re updating it with 8220 info. Regardless, for now we’ll just have to keep a close eye on things and assume someone in Rogers PR didn’t press ‘print’ a little too soon.

(via CrackBerry)

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