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Theme Builder Update Needed for BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and Beyond


The BlackBerry Pearl 3G aka 9100/9105, has been announced on major carriers such as Rogers and TELUS as well as it should be arriving on T-Mobile and WIND. The device hasn’t hit actual stores yet but there are some floating around in the wild, and it’s expected that the device will hit stores any day now. The problem, is that the team responsible for updating theme builder haven’t yet released a patch or new version, allowing theme designers to make 9100 themes, and therefore there may not be any themes available for the Pearl 3G when it hits stores.
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Pixelated and Pixelated Plus Now Available for the Pearl 3G


Pixelated is a simple puzzle game that involves changing pixel colors in order to create a single solid color on the screen. The ultimate goal of the game is to clear the screen in as few moves as possible. Pixelated also features a cool achievement system, that encourages you to get perfect scores on every level.

Pixelated and Pixelated Plus have both been upgraded to version 2.1 adding support for the new BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and 9105. This version also adds an internal link for email support, as well as a few bugfixes.

Check out Pixelated (free) and Pixelated Plus in App World.

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WES 2010: Solutions Showcase Featuring the BlackBerry 9100, 9105 and 9650


I’m here at WES 2010 and as you know two new devices were launched today. RIM has set up a solutions showcase to show off the new devices and accessories, and we’ve got some pictures and impressions to show off.

The Pearl colors and accessories had them looking more like consumer electronics than smartphones. Don’t be fooled though, under the hood of the 91XX series are chipsets and memory of a high-end BlackBerry.

The new Pearl device colors look like some of the cutest devices I have ever seen RIM put out. The red gradient, and magenta colors really stand out among all the colorful leather cases and rubber skins. There’s a new leather case that features a built-in mirror that would go well with any modern purse or bag. Some were just skins while others also integrated hard plastics, not unlike the silver edges around the 9650/9700 series. These hard plastics are specifically placed in the impact zones around the edges of the device. For a company that has released a lot of devices meant to look like fierce sports cars, they have shifted gears and made something totally unexpected: purse-candy.
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Rogers to Launch the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100


Right on the heels of RIM’s announcement of the Pearl 3G 9100, Rogers has come out and officially announced they will be offering the device. The 9100 is going to be a great upgrade to the Pearl series and I’m sure lots of Rogers customers are going to pick this one up. While Rogers has officially said they’re going to offer the device, we don’t yet have pricing and availability details. These are sure to come soon as we’re going to see this device in May.

More details available in the press release after the jump
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WES 2010: RIM Introduces the New BlackBerry Pearl 3G Smartphone


WES is shaping up to be an awesome conference. Two new BlackBerrys have been announced: the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and the Bold 9650. Today, RIM has officially announced the Pearl 3G aka the Pearl 9100 aka Stratus. The latest Pearl 3G features:

  • Small size: less than two inches wide (50 mm) and weighing only 3.3 ounces (93g)
  • WiFi (b/g/n) – this is the first BlackBerry to support the “n” standard
  • GPS
  • 3.2 MP camera
  • 624 Mhz processor
  • Up to 32 GB memory expansion

It would be awesome to try out a the Pearl 3G of WiFi ‘n’ as you should be able to get some blazing fast connections. This would be especially good for any streaming video apps. Overall, this is a great update to the Pearl series and we’re told we’ll also see this device in May. Hit after the jump for the official announcement.
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Rogers Red BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and White Bold 9700 Dummy Units Pictured


A red BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and a white Bold 9700 are surely coming to Rogers as the dummy units have been pictured and posted online by @Treatz. The 9100 has been seen with SureType, T9 and we suspect a fully QWERTY is coming too. These devices are expected to retail for $449.99 sans contract. White sure does look nice doesn’t it?
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