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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Coming to Rogers and Bell for $449.99 Sans Contract


The Pearl 9100 has been circulating the blogs for some time now and today we’ve learned that it will be priced at $449.99 without a contract on both Rogers and Bell. This device will likely come with some contract pricing options that would drive the price down.
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More Pictures of the T9 BlackBerry Pearl 9105 with Input Options


The T9 BlackBerry Pearl 9105 is making the rounds again and this time we get a glimpse at some of the T9 input options including compound words, context learning, auto word learning, using contacts as a data source, predictive spelling and including spell check variations of words in predictive typing. Another picture after the jump.
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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of April 12th


This was a slower than usual week on BlackBerryCool but there are still some gems lying around. In apps, we saw some awesome updates from some old favorites such as Gym Technik, Druglord Wars 2, Cortado and Tvider. There are also some newish players to the scene such as Kik, who launched a very nice chat client which will soon come with video support as well. The Pearl 9100 has been making the rounds with a T9 and QWERTY keyboard, which should be great for sales in the European markets. We’ve also seen some interesting news on the wire, including a report that BlackBerry usage is the highest during the weekday compared to iPhone.
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More Leaked Pictures of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 with T9 and SureType


The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is getting leaked everywhere these days which means we’re coming close to a launch. Leaks are like clockwork: they get released to the ISVs and we see a few advanced leaks. Then they get circulated for testing and we start seeing a bunch more. Give it a month or so and we’ll see this launch. The latest pic from BerryReview shows the 9100 with a T9 keypad input. Another pic after the jump, including one from BBLeaks of the 9100 running on TELUS.

What do you prefer: T9, small QWERTY or SureType?
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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Stratus Comes with T9 Style Keyboard


The updated Pearl 9100 has been showing up with a wide variety of keyboard styles. First, it was a SureType keyboard, then a small QWERTY, and now we’re seeing it in a T9 style. Currently, we don’t know much about the BlackBerry 9105, except that it’s rumored to be hitting the European market and Fido. The European market rumor makes a lot of sense as the device has a really European, SMS-centric look to it. Maybe the keyboard stylings are all designated for various carriers and what they believe will sell best. I’m thinking full QWERTY for Verizon, SureType for Fido, and T9 for Europe. We can expect the release date of this phone around the May/June time frame.
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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of March 15th


Some big news this week included pictures of the BlackBerry Slider, some BIS 3.0 details as well as more pictures of the upcoming Pearl 9100. The Slider is shaping up to be an interesting form factor from RIM, but it could be a headache for developers. This means that the device will launch with limited software available, and I can only imagine how bare a Slider’s App World will look at launch. This is standard practice from RIM as it took developers a few months to catch up after the Storm launched.

BIS 3.0 was supposed to bring 2-way Gmail sync and now it’s not clear whether this is actually going to happen. We’ll have to wait until the service launches in North America, but it Gmail sync may not come until BIS 3.1.

Other than the above, we have a ton of posts regarding cool software you should check out. Some of my favorite apps including Visible Vote (I’m Canadian but I just like the concept), Opera Mini and LaterDude Pro, have all been updated this week. Also be sure to check out the “Other” section of this week’s roundup as we have some good editorial content you won’t find anywhere else.
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