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BlackBerry Monaco/Monza Pics Emerge


blackberry touch monaco

This is going to be an interesting year for BlackBerry devices. While there are some really cool form factors on the way, you have to wonder what to make of BlackBerry 6.1 in light of a QNX OS coming in 2012. Will upgrading be just like BlackBerry 6 where we’ll see a handful of devices able to upgrade? Or will the QNX OS be more of a leap? Either way, The Monaco looks really cool but it’s the Bold Touch that takes the show in our opinion. The old school Bold form factor was the best.
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Potential Release Timeframes for Bold Touch, Torch 2 and Next Generation Curve


blackberry roadmap

The above slide shows a potential roadmap for the Bold Touch, next generation Curve, and the Torch 2. It’s not clear where the slide came from exactly, and could be T-Mobile interpretation of when they expect these products to launch. Either way, it’s interesting to see what’s in the pipeline and when these devices might arrive. How awesome would it be to have a PlayBook paired with a Bold Touch?

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Dell Opens App Store and Sells Apps for Unreleased BlackBerry Pluto 9900


dell app store

Dell has opened their own app store and they’re selling apps for not only BlackBerry, but Windows Mobile, Symbian and WebOS. The storefront is powered by PocketGear, the company that acquired Mobihand’s competition Handango. Generally, the apps are priced a little higher than Mobihand and there isn’t nearly as much content. Dell has their own smartphone, the Streak, and it makes sense for them to have their own app storefront as every other manufacturer seems to be doing these days.

While it’s surely just a mistake on the part of PocketGear who put the content management system together, the Dell App Store is selling apps for the BlackBerry Pluto 9900. Now if only they were selling the actual device…

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Possible specs for BlackBerry Bold 9900 aka Pluto and Magnum 9220



Every now and then we come across a spec sheet put together by a fairly unknown source. Today, we’re seeing the possible specs for the BlackBerry Pluto and the BlackBerry Magnum.

The BlackBerry Pluto hasn’t shown it’s face in the blogosphere yet but there are rumors of it being touchscreen QWERTY hybrid. According to these specs, it’s closer to the Onyx, and it’s a Bold replacement. The specs are a little off but that is to be expected with prerelease devices. For example, the optical trackpad isn’t listed but that is usually the last thing to be put into the device before release. The Magnum is listed as having the Bold as a predecessor, and rumors suggest the Magnum is basically an 8900 with 3G.

I’ve posted the rumored specs for both, but I’m personally really skeptical. For now, lets just use the specs as a launching pad for discussions about the upcoming devices.

What do you think about the specs as they’re presented? The expected release dates for both devices is September 2009, which is doable but really soon.

Click through for the potential specs for the BlackBerry 9900 aka Pluto and the BlackBerry Magnum 9220

Pre-BBDC Wrap-up: Stuff that happened while we were in the air


BlackBerry Cool Plane

You can always tell if a show will be good based upon the amount of buzz and news that surrounds it. The BlackBerry Developer Conference is no exception: apparently news in the BlackBerry world only breaks now when you’re in the air without a stable Wi-Fi connection. Here’s everything important that’s happened in the last 48 hours.

AT&T BlackBerry Bold to (finally) be released October 27: The Boy Genius has posted training slides indicating that the BlackBerry Bold might actually see release on AT&T before halloween, but at this point, do you release trust any AT&T Bold release date? (via BGR)

The National Post explains the BlackBerry Storm’s name Surprisingly it has nothing to do with Halle Berry or the X-Men. Shame. (via National Post)

RIM’s 2009 lineup gets clarified (kinda) Boy Genius was also able to get his hands upon Rogers upcoming BlackBerry lineup. Remember the BlackBerry Magnum we told you about a few days ago? Apparently it’s actual development name is the Pluto, which doesn’t sound as cool. Here’s what BG had to say:

* BlackBerry Curve 8900 in Q1
* BlackBerry Storm variant in Q2
* BlackBerry 9220 (Magnum, think BlackBerry Curve 8900 with 3G) in Q3
* BlackBerry 9900 (Pluto, think Bold with touchscreen) in Q4