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BlackBerry Podcasts App Updated to Version 1.5 for North America


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The BlackBerry Podcasts app has been updated to version 1.5 for North America. The app is pretty decent but there are a lot of third party apps for listening to podcasts already available. In this latest version, new features include:

  • Addition of a preview or play option while the podcast is downloading
  • Web podcast searching with integrated Google search
  • Improved content presentation within categories: the first 40 listings in each category will be “featured content,” a combination of the most popular feeds and RIM-programmed feeds

To download the latest version of the Podcasts app, head over to blackberry.com/podcasts. You can also read more about it on Inside BlackBerry.

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7Digital Music Store Demo on the PlayBook and Podcast App Details



RIM doesn’t have a music solution like iTunes and it should actually stay that way. By leaving the content market open, RIM is allowing third parties to cash in and build innovative music apps. The BlackBerry itself is a great music player that allows you to drop your own music on it, but the device needs a lot more space than what a MicroSD card can fit to allow for more music. This is why a good cloud-based solution works best.

In the above demo, we see what the 7Digital Music Store will offer on the PlayBook. Some of the main features of this app include:
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BlackBerry Podcasts App Official and Now Available for Download


blackberry podcast app

The BlackBerry Podcasts app is now official and ready for download if you live in the US or Canada. The podcasts app is a little strange in that content creators have to submit their podcasts for inclusion in the directory, when it seems like that should be an uninhibited or automatic process.

The BlackBerry Podcasts app features:

  • Browse and search for free podcasts from categories like arts, TV & movies, news and more.
  • Download audio and video podcasts over WiFi or cellular networks
  • Podcasts can be stored on the MicroSD card
  • Subscribe to, download and play podcasts directly from your BlackBerry smartphone
  • Receive notifications when new episodes of your podcasts are available, and download them.

Download the BlackBerry Podcasts app free in App World.

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BlackBerry Podcast App Now Available in Beta Zone


The BlackBerry Podcast app is in the beta zone and user reviews are already being published. It seems the app doesn’t currently allow you to add your own subscriptions, and there isn’t much in the way of available content. It seems the UI is well done, and has a BlackBerry 6 style to it (might launch with OS 6). The Beta app apparently handles video really well, and the audio quality is crisp and clear.

The BlackBerry Podcast app features the ability to:

  • Download podcasts using WiFi
  • Schedule downloads
  • Filter explicit material
  • Customize subscription notifications

Sign up for the beta zone and hopefully test the BlackBerry Podcast App.

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