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SOTI Pocket Controller Pro – A 10 in 1 Desktop Tool for BlackBerry


SOTI Pocket Controller

There’s a new app in our store that looks like a really awesome new desktop tool for your BlackBerry. The app gives you an incredible amount of control over your device from your desktop, including the ability to BBM from your PC. With your keyboard and mouse, SOTI Pocket Controller gives you 10 products in 1 including:

1. Real-Time Remote Control (e.g. BBM from your Desktop)
2. Presentation Tools
3. Training Tools
4. File Synchronization
5. Service Book Support
6. Explore Tool
7. Task List
8. System Information
9. Screen/Video Capture
10. Printing

Each of these tools has its own feature set and together it all makes for a very powerful solution. Head over to the store and learn about each of these tools including in the SOTI Pocket Controller Pro solution.

Learn about SOTI Pocket Controller Pro solution for BlackBerry for OS 4.6 and 4.7 at this link.
Learn about SOTI Pocket Controller Pro solution for BlackBerry OS 5.0 and above at this link.

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CTIA 2010: BreezyPrint – One Touch Printing From Your BlackBerry



Printing from a BlackBerry? There are a few companies that offer printing solutions and BreezyPrint is here at CTIA showcasing their solution which looks easy and efficient. BreezyPrint lets print directly from your BlackBerry to any networked printer.

Key features of BreezyPrint:

  • The fastest way to print any document from your mobile device
  • Works with any printer
  • No extra hardware or drivers required
  • No IP address or firewall configuration required
  • Safe – protected by end-to-end encryption
  • Installs in minutes

Head over to their site and try it out now.

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Ricoh Updates HotSpot Printing App with Global Printer Directory


blackberry hotspot printing

Ricoh has released a new version of their mobile printing app called Hotpot. The app leverages a global printer directory with over 4,000 publicly available printers today. The app is designed to take full advantage of the newest blackberry features and was included in the press release for regional winners in the Super App challenge.
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Send custom postcards from your BlackBerry with AmazingMail.com


Snailmail InboxAmazingMail.com Inc.’s online Web-to-print service allows smartphone application developers to integrate on-demand printing services to send personalized mail directly from smartphones – including the ability to spontaneously send postcards composed from “in-the-moment” BlackBerry photos – and get the card in the mail the next business day.

“We’re excited to talk to developers from BlackBerry and other smartphone communities about how they can use our patented batch processing and limitless digital print capability to build exciting mail and marketing applications for industry verticals,” says AmazingMail.com’s CEO Chris Lynde. “Postino and PicCard are good examples of how developers can generate margins of 100% or more with our Web-to-print engine.” Also, Postino is poised to launch a Windows Mobile version and BlackBerry version – evidence that the AmazingMail web-to-print application is of use to smartphone developers of all types.

This service sounds like a great summer vacation tool; not to mention an ideal Hallmark Killer.