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GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 Delivers Loss, Theft and Data Protection



ActiveTrak, the makers of GadgetTrak, has recently announced their latest product GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3. The software offers many of the same features that come with BlackBerry Protect, but it extends the service a little further, allowing you to protect your laptop as well. Other features of the software include:

  • GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 is designed to leverage the native capabilities present on smartphones and media tablets to offer the best possible protection for the widest range of mobile devices
  • Remotely wipe personal data stored on your device such as photos, email, contacts and SMS messages
  • Encrypt photos and contacts using government grade encryption (AES 256) and back them up in a secure location
  • Locate your device using a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning and cell tower positioning, even if the device is indoors
  • Once activated, the software settings cannot be modified on the device and will even notify the device owner if the SIM card changes
  • The owner can remotely trigger the device to emit a loud siren that can be a theft deterrent or help find a missing phone, even if the phone is set to silent mode

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Poll: Have You Ever Used Location to Find a Lost or Stolen Device?


blackberry protect

There are a few services out there that will help you find a lost or stolen device (SmrtGuard, BlackBerry Protect, BerrySnooper). The question is: how effective are these services at finding your device? If your BlackBerry is anywhere that might not have perfect reception, you’re going to have a hard time locating it. Take the above screenshot for example. This was taken with BlackBerry Protect enabled on my Torch and my device was located at the corner of York and Cumberland, not even within the red circle that BlackBerry Protect says it is. Now, if I couldn’t find my BlackBerry and I left it at a bar, I could use the service to narrow down whether my device was at said bar or if it was at my house or office. While the exact location isn’t always necessary, you have to wonder how useful this particular features really is. So we’re asking the reader, have you ever recovered a lost or stolen device with the help of a location tracking service? Hit the poll after the jump.
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BlackBerry Protect Now Available for the Torch 9800


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BlackBerry Protect has been updated in the beta zone to version and includes support for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, as well as a couple other enhancements and fixes. Some of the fixed issues include:

  • Browser bookmarks stored in subfolders were not backed up.
  • When you set or change your device password through the BlackBerry Protect web site, a password validation message was displayed before you finished typing the password.
  • The label in the search field was misaligned in some browsers.
  • If you had selected no data types to be backed up in the BlackBerry Protect application and attempted to back up data through the BlackBerry Protect website, a message was displayed saying that the device was not connected to the wireless network.

Head over to the Beta Zone and download the latest version of BlackBerry Protect.

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BIS 3.2 Update Rumored to Hit Americas Weekend of October 16th


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BIS 3.2 is available in Asia Pacific and the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and rumor has it that the update will hit the Americas (North and South), during the weekend of October 16th. The update will include:

  • Google Mail Calendar Synchronization – Subscribers can perform two-way synchronization of Google calendar entries and entries in the calendar application on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Automatic Login Enhancements – The automatic login feature is now available to more subscribers. Subscribers who use a user name and password to access their BlackBerry Internet Service accounts no longer have to type their user name and password on their smartphones to manage their email addresses.
  • Show and Hide Password Option – Subscribers can choose to show or hide the passwords for all email addresses that need to be validated by clicking the Show password or Hide password options.
  • New Password Criteria – Newly created passwords for BlackBerry Internet Service accounts and BlackBerry email addresses must meet new criteria.
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    Prince William County Residents’ Data Lost After BlackBerry Stolen


    total chaos after blackberry stolen

    We have heard this story before – a public servant is walking around with a BlackBerry that isn’t password protected and they lose the device along with sensitive data. This has happened again, this time in Prince William County, where a public servant lost a device containing private information on almost 700 residents including addresses and Social Security numbers.

    According to the executive director for county community services, “it should have been better secured with the use of a password,” he said. “We didn’t do what should have been done.” Not only that, but you would think a government BlackBerry would have an IT admin who would force a password on the device. Also, as soon as the device was found to be missing, the data could be wiped and hopefully stopping someone from taking it before it’s too late.

    It’s not clear whether the device was stolen with the intent of taking the personal information, or whether the thief was simply looking to steal a BlackBerry and resell it. This is exactly the sort of situation that BlackBerry Protect will be able to address for individuals.

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    RIM Launch Free Data Backup and Protection Utility ‘BlackBerry Protect’


    BlackBerry Protect is a free data backup and protection utility currently in Beta and developed by RIM. BlackBerry Protect enables its users to have control over a toolbox of features that can manage and protect the data that’s on your device, specifically when it’s not in your possession.

    Here’s breakdown of the features and benefits all of which are accessed from the web once BlackBerry Protect is installed on your device:
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