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Review of the BlackBerry Bold 9650 from Sprint


The BlackBerry Bold 9650 is basically the Tour 2, but rebranded and launched as a Bold series device. The story seems to be that when the “Tour2″ was leaked soon after the launch of the original Tour, users started to complain about an update being worked on so soon after the original device was launched. The sentiment at the time was a slight resentment at the fact that Tour owners just bought a device without WiFi, and here was a new Tour with WiFi and a trackpad (something all Tour owners would have loved). In response, RIM seems to have changed the branding of the device over to a Bold, and probably pushed a Tour update down the pipe. Regardless of the branding, this is a Tour in my opinion, but I’ll refer to it as a Bold for SEO purposes.
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T-Mobile BlackBerry Gemini 8520 review, pics and comparisons



The T-Mobile BlackBerry Gemini 8520 is slated as a low-end BlackBerry Curve, and it will definitely suit the intended market. While Power Users are going to yawn, early Pearl owners are going to want to upgrade to this device, especially because we’ve heard it’s going to come in some beautiful colors.

Before reading this review, as usual it’s not a commercially available device and therefore may not be the device you pick up from T-Mobile.

The 85xx Series Devices

The BlackBerry 8520 is a new-generation Curve and while the xx20 is the only device in the series so far, it surely won’t be the last. In the coming months (year), we can expect a rollout similar to that of other BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry 8510 will have GPS and the 8530 will be CDMA.

About the OS

The 8520 that I’m using is running OS, which seems to be the consensus around other sites who have got their hands on the device. While OS 4.6.1 is decent, it isn’t the OS 5 that we’ve all been waiting to use. Because this is a pre-release device, it could possibly ship with OS 5, which would be a dream come true.
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TELUS BlackBerry Tour 9630 review, pics and comparisons



I’ve been playing around with the BlackBerry Tour 9630 on TELUS and I’ve put together my impressions, pics and some Bold and 8900 comparison points. This BlackBerry Tour is not a commercial unit, so while it’s running final code, it didn’t come with all the branded packaging – not that you would really care.

In general, this device is where the Curve 8900 meets the Bold. This is indicative of RIM’s latest device strategy of making hybrids to satisfy a gray area of customers, while working on the the more evolutionary devices which take longer to produce. This strategy is summed up as follows:

“You may not love every BlackBerry released by RIM, but rest assured there is a BlackBerry for everyone.”

Now let’s take a deeper look at this device.
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T-Mobile BlackBerry Gemini 8520 unofficial model gets reviewed



The guys at PhoneArena put up a pretty lengthy review of the BlackBerry Gemini 8520. I’ll break down their review by section but if you want to read the full review, just head over to their site.


While the 8520 Gemini is one of the newest devices to be released by RIM, the only thing truly new about it is the design. The 8520 is slated as an introductory Curve model and comes with a 3.4” screen which sits above a full QWERTY keyboard. Two convenience keys adorn either side and a simplistic back with the 2 megapixel camera at the top. The unofficial size is 4.25”x2.3”x0.5”, which makes it even smaller than the Curve 8900, and perhaps a touch lighter.
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Podtrapper Podcast download manager reviewed



PodTrapper Podcast Manager by VersatileMonkey is a really decent podcast solution, and they’ve just released their best update yet! With one of the most intuitive media playback systems on Blackberry, and so many functions it’ll make your head spin, this application is a must have for anyone who really wants to be entertained on the go.

Adding podcasts is quick and easy, as PodTrapper pulls directly from Apple’s available podcast database when you do a search. If you want to add a podcast that’s not listed, you also have the option of entering the URL. Podcasts are downloaded directly to your device or removable storage, for playback even with no service coverage.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features before we hit the highlights:
• Automatic downloading of new episodes via Wifi, Cellular and Desktop
• Keeps track of last played podcast
• Remembers where you left off in every episode
• Reliable pause and resume of downloads when connectivity changes
• Built in keylock to allow for control of audio in your pocket
• Pauses for phone calls and resumes when completed
• Built in large file downloader
• Bookmarkable playback of any file on your device
• Support for video podcast (if supported by device)

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Find what you need with a global search app for BlackBerry



Makers of the popular Quick Pull and MessageScheduler have recently released IntelliBerry, a utility that lets BlackBerry users search their contacts, apps and files. Additionally, you can program shortcuts – Magic Words – into IntelliBerry that allow you to efficiently search the web for images, Wikipedia articles, books, and more. I’m fairly skeptical of universal search software, and I like using a variety of searches that are designed specifically for unique contexts. I’m not sure if it’s because I believe there is a void of excellent universal search software, or if I’m simply too accustomed to my ways. In any event, I decided to give IntelliBerry a try and in some ways, I was impressed; in others not so much.
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