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More Details on the Upcoming BlackBerry Slider


BGR dropped some info on the upcoming BlackBerry slider we’ve been hearing rumors about for a long time now. While none of the details are confirmed, it’s still interesting to read through the possible specs. We’ll be able to confirm at least some of these specs when we have a visual, but for now we’re just going on rumor.

Here is what we’re hearing:

  • It’s a portrait-oriented slider. While most people assume a device with slideout keyboard would end up being something like HTC’s devices, we’ve been told this particular handset is more like the Palm Pre in terms of layout.
  • The phone will run BlackBerry OS 6.0.
  • The rumored device will 100% support Wi-Fi 802.11n.
  • The resolution unfortunately has not improved, it is still 360×480.
  • No word on if this will have a touch screen, but we’d assume so, and our source alluded to this possibly being what the rumored BlackBerry Magnum/Dakota evolved into. Not saying there won’t be a Bold-like device with touchscreen, optical trackpad, and physical keyboard, but this might be released first.
  • If it does have a touch screen, this could in fact be the mythical BlackBerry Storm slider — picture a Storm 9520 with a slide up Bold-esque keyboard.
  • The phone will not be a Verizon exclusive — it’s supposed to be a GSM/HSPA device.

It would be a shame if this device didn’t come with a touchscreen because I think touchscreens have the most consumer appeal and app potential. Especially if this device is going to be running OS 6, there should be a host of features to make development easier. BlackBerry widgets will be fully supported by then as well as probably even more APIs by that time. In any case, this is shaping up to be an interesting form factor.

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Analysts talk about upcoming BlackBerry slider



Analysts at Kaufman Bros are saying that RIM will be launching a touchscreen BlackBerry slider with a QWERTY keyboard, along with an updated web browser.

Kaufman said they are picking up strong indications of a new form factor under development that would be a cross between a touchscreen BlackBerry Storm 2 and a physical keyboard BlackBerry. They said, “from our understanding, this new BlackBerry would have a full touchscreen plus a pull-out physical keyboard. It would be similar to others from HTC, Palm, Motorola and others but of course sport a distinctive signature BlackBerry industrial design.”

We have heard rumors of such a device being codenamed Talladega, but nothing much else. It would still be cool to see a BlackBerry Storm slider though. Also, a touchscreen device would be a great launch device for the new WebKit-based BlackBerry Browser.

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