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BlackBerry Storm 2 aka Odin launch details roundup


Verizon Storm 2 - 9550

We have heard all manner of launch dates for the Storm 2 9520 and the Storm 2 9550 (or should I call it the Storm2?).

For Verizon, we are seeing the BlackBerry Storm 9550 rumored to launch October 21st. This rumor comes from an internal Verizon email that was leaked showing a launch date for the Storm 2 to be October 21st.

There is also some evidence pointing towards a Storm2 launch for October 28th. This is loosely based on some Verizon BOGO material that was leaked. At the very least, we know that when the device launches, the carrier is pushing a very intense sales campaign with it. On a side note, does anyone else think writing Storm2 vs Storm 2 looks a little silly? It could easily be mistaken for a typo.

The Vodafone Storm 2 9520 seems to be launching about the same time as Verizon. While we haven’t seen many internal leaks on the subject, we are seeing a lot of promo materials going up in preparation.

Overall, these things tend to get delayed for any number of reasons and I would be really surprised if the carrier, being a giant cumbersome organization where the left hand doesn’t talk to the right hand, could actually peg a date and stick to it.

The 21st is a reasonable date, but could easily be pushed back closer to the end of the month.


Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 impressions and details


blackberry storm 9550

The new BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 by Verizon is shaping up to be the BlackBerry touchscreen device we’ve all been waiting for. I remember back when Mike Lazaridis was taking criticism for the original Storm and his response was “sorry it was the number 3 selling smartphone in North America. I wish it could have been number 1.” Well this is the second time out the gate and they definitely have it right this time.

Will sales of the Storm 2 beat the original Storm? If the hardware is the deciding factor I would say yes. But what about all those who have bought the original Storm? How many will upgrade? How many new touchscreen BlackBerry users will this device convert? These are all questions that will have to wait to be answered until after the device launches, which we expect to happen in early November. Some are suggesting late October and this could also be true. We’re seeing a lot of leaks happening which means we are approaching launch date. Until then, lets take a look at the pre-release version of the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 aka 9550.

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Verizon BlackBerry 9550 aka Storm 2 – What Do You Want To Know?


Verizon Storm 2 - 9550

Although it seems like an eternity, the BlackBerry Storm has only been for sale for almost a year.  RIM went back and reworked with mechanics of their touch screen and cooked up a new(er) operating system. 

Now, we at BlackBerryCool.com have gotten our hands on a pre-released 9550.  Yes, the screen rebound is much better, thanks to the shortened travel distance, and we’re enjoying the more responsive keyboard.  Both of these aspects have been significantly improved. 

Instead of writing a review of a pre-release device, we’d like to know what burning questions you have about the device.  We’ll work to answer them.  Again, considering that this is a pre-release device, there are still bugs, quirks and gremlins clearly running wild. 

So drop us a line on what you’d like to know and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!

Reminder: RIM promised OS 5 before the end of 2009



Back at WES 2009, RIM put out a statement saying that OS 5, “will follow before the end of the year.” Most of us in the BlackBerry Nation have been expecting this software to launch around this time and we’re all wondering where it is.

While the software will be coming out with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and the Storm 2 9550/9520, it isn’t clear when older BlackBerry devices will be privy to the upgrade.

At the very least, we know you won’t have to wait longer than January 1st, 2010.

The official statement from RIM is as follows:

“The roll out process has begun for BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 with the recent beta release of BlackBerry JDE 5.0 (BlackBerry Java Development Environment 5.0) to BlackBerry Developer Zone at www.blackberry.com/developers to prepare the BlackBerry developer community for pending device software releases. As can be expected, BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 will follow before the end of the year, as referenced in the “RIM Launches BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0″ press release that was issued at WES 2009 (http://press.rim.com/release.jsp?id=2309).”

Just out of curiosity, what device do you have and what OS are you currently running?



BlackBerry browser comparisons – has WiFi been fixed?



RIM has always had problems with WiFi on a BlackBerry device. When comparing a BlackBerry to the iPhone on WiFi, the iPhone makes the BlackBerry look slow and jittery. RIM recognizes that there are a lot of improvements to be made with the pan and zoom functionality on the browser, and says the issue lies on-device, and has nothing to do with the NOC.

There are 2 issues at play here:

First, the on-device RAM needs to be improved in order for pages to load faster and for the device to have a better browsing experience.

Second, the BlackBerry is too conservative with power management. RIM puts the WiFi radio to sleep too quickly in order to preserve battery life, and this affects the WiFi browsing experience.

In recent videos posted by Salomondrin, we see the the Bold 9700 browser experience on WiFi compared with 3G. While it’s not obvious if the reviewer had all the necessary criteria for a proper comparison, the two devices load at approximately the same speed. WiFi should be much faster than 3G and if they are loading at approximately the same rate, this suggests that the issues may not have been fixed on upcoming devices.

If this is not the case, RIM needs to get these videos ripped from the Internet asap. Personally, I’m expecting the WiFi issues to be resolved with the Bold 9700 and the Storm 2, rather than have to wait for the next generation of devices.

When comparing the Bold 9700 and the Storm 2 on WiFi, the Bold 9700 actually does really well. Scrolling through a page doesn’t produce the same jitters as previous devices do. This is leaving me to believe that RIM has made some advancements in making the device better on WiFi.

So I’ll leave the question to the readers.

You have seen both videos, do you think the WiFi browsing issues have been resolved?

BlackBerry Storm 2 SurePress toggle feature revealed


A new video by Salomondrin shows the BlackBerry Storm 2 with the ability to toggle the clicking sound for SurePress. This is a great feature considering many users want complete silence from their device.

Here is a theory, and this could be going way out on a limb, but I’m going to call Verizon PR on this one. All other BlackBerry Storm 2 videos have been pulled. This means Salomondrin is either saying all the right things to allow his videos to avoid the RIM legal machine, or he has some inside privilege.

Also, this isn’t the first time Verizon has controlled their leaks. Remember last year with the original BlackBerry Storm? Well perhaps they’re doing it all over again. Here are some examples from last year:

BlackBerry Storm 9530 Talking Points Slip
BlackBerry Storm 9530 Appears on Verizon’s Site

Just search ‘Verizon leak’ on BlackBerry Cool and you can see the plethora of “leaks” that came out before the Storm launch.

Although, an easy way to prove me wrong would be to find a few videos of the Storm 2 from other YouTube users that have negative criticism and haven’t been pulled.

In any case, the device looks great and it doesn’t really matter if it’s Verizon or not. The fact is that we get to see the device early.