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Vodafone Australia Announces BlackBerry Storm Pricing


In an attempt to get their subscribers excited prior to the BlackBerry Storm release, Vodafone Australia has released pricing information for the device. Voda Australia will sell the Storm for free on a two year contract, with Internet Caps ranging from $70 to $150. Customers will be able to purchase the Storm starting December 1st. For more information, visit the website below:



BlackBerry Storm launches in France


Cross another country off the list of those waiting to be hit by the Storm. RIM and SFR jointly announced the release of the BlackBerry Storm today in France. Our merry French brethren will be able to pre-order the Stormfrom on the SFR online store November 20th, with in store availability beginning December 3 in all SFR shops. Here’s a list of applications preloaded on the BlackBerry Storm:

    * Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Google Talk for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Yahoo Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones
    * AOL Instant Messenger™ for BlackBerry smartphones
    * ICQ for BlackBerry smartphones
    * Flickr Photo Uploader for BlackBerry smartphones

SFR is selling the BlackBerry Storm for €99 with a €50 discount, and is offering two new Illimythics 3G+ plans specially designed for the BlackBerry Storm. You can see full plan details after the jump.

SFR Illimythics 3G+ plans

How-to use your BlackBerry Storm


The coming weeks will be a strange one for BlackBerry users purchasing the BlackBerry Storm, RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry. Likely, many of these people will have never used a touchscreen device before, and will be unfamiliar with the process. “How do I use it?” they will ask. “Why does the screen move? What’s an accelerometer? Should I dip it in peanut butter?”

Thankfully, Vodafone and RIM each have provided the help BlackBerry users seek. It addition to the introduction video above, you’ll find another one after the jump on web browsing, and a link to RIM’s BlackBerry Storm Tips and Navigation PDF.

Note: do not dip your BlackBerry Storm in peanut butter. Trust us, it won’t help.

BlackBerry Storm tips

“Storm vs. iPhone: which will win?” (Weekly Contest)


The BlackBerry Storm has finally arrived!… In the United Kingdom, at least, with Vodafone shipping pre-ordered BlackBerrys today. Verizon’s November 21st announcement puts the Storm front just one week away from North American shores.

So it is now time to decide how the BlackBerry Storm, RIM/Verizon’s Apple/AT&T killer, will fare this coming holiday season. We know about RIM’s current market position and how much they need this device to succeed; we’ve heard the criticisms of Verizon’s pricing scheme. Now it’s time for YOU to weigh in.

Because the stakes are so high (and because we haven’t done a Weekly Contest in a while), we’re raising the stakes ourselves: giving away TEN FREE COPIES OF PEEKAWHO, a piece of software no BlackBerry user should be without. We’ll give away 8 copies to the first 8 posters (with relevant and insightful comments) and save the last two for the two best comments. What are you waiting for?

Last Week’s Weekly Contest Winner

Media Network Roundup: November 3rd-7th


Here’s a brief rundown of the week that was from your friendly family of bloggers in Ottawa, Canada. Below you’ll find news from our WinMo and mobile entertainment blogs, with a bunch of great BlackBerry Cool content after the jump.

WindowsMobile Cool

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BlackBerry Cool News Roundup

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500 to launch November 14th — super, duper confirmed


Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500

I’m sure this will make all of our UK readers happy. Yesterday we published Vodafone UK’s official launch date for the BlackBerry Storm 9500, November 14th, but noticed that their Storm pre-order page contained a November 18th date. After contacting Vodafone for clarification, we received this timely response:


You will be able to go to store and buy a BlackBerry Storm on 14th November. The pre-order phones – and there are 1000s – will be despatched next week and we expect customers will have their pre-order by next weekend. The 18th is just a precaution in case customers are not in to take delivery of the phone at the weekend and delivery needs to be attempted again the following week.

Notice to UK BlackBerry Cool readers: stay at home to make sure you get your BlackBerry Storm!