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BlackBerry Ad Confirms Rogers BlackBerry Storm Series Coming?



BBCool reader Michael S. writes in to say that page 2&3 of the March 1st issue of Canadian Business shows the BlackBerry Storm2 and within the ad says “See all there is to see with BlackBerry Storm smartphones from Rogers…” We’ve been hearing about the Storm series coming to Rogers for some time now, and it would be great to finally get this device. On the other hand, it could be the ad department is lazy and switched out “Verizon” for “Rogers” without thinking. Any Rogers customers looking to get their hands on a Storm2?

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Free Android-Style Unlock App for the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2


YouTube Link

Storm Unlock is a new app from MMMOOO that works just like the Android unlock feature. In order to unlock your Storm, you have to trace a pattern on the screen. This a cool free BlackBerry app that is definitely worth trying out. Let us know what you think.

Download Storm Unlock free from our store.

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Repping the BlackBerry Storm2 in BLKBerry 2.0 by Swindoe


Just read Ronen’s post about the track BLKBerry 2.0 by rapper Swindoe. The track is actually really catchy but the best part is how he shouts out his own PIN. It reminds me of back when Mike Jones used to give out his real phone number (281-330-8004).

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Giveaway: Maritime Master game for the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2



Cleric Software have made some cool apps such as Frazzle (Yahtzee) and a Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator.

Their latest game is Maritime Master, which is just like Air Traffic Control, except you pilot boats and dock them safely. Once the boat has been docked and has offloaded its cargo, draw the boat’s path off the screen and don’t let it crash into another boat. The game includes 3 different types of boats as well as 5 different boards.

The good people at Cleric Software are offering 30 free copies of this app as well. Comment with a valid email address and we’ll select 30 random entries to get a free copy.

Maritime Master is available for $3.99.

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Loopt now available for the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2


Loopt - Discover Map - BlackBerry Storm

Loopt is now available free on the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2. With Loopt, you can discover nearby places and events with info from Zagat, Citysearch and community input. You can also see your friends on a map with their latest updates in real-time.

The new Loopt now supports the 8520, 8530, 8900, Bold 9000, 9700, Tour, Storm and Storm2. The previous version of Loopt is still available for the 8330.

To download Loopt, head over to loopt.com/blackberry.

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NYC Subway now available for the BlackBerry Storm



NYC Subway is a great app by RailBandit to help you schedule your train rides and generally save time. The app helps you find the fastest route between any two subway stations and it will show you departure, arrival and wait times. NYC Subway will also work offline, so you don’t have to worry about coverage underground.

NYC Subway is now available for the BlackBerry Storm, which makes the subway maps much nicer to read due to the big screen.

NYC Subway Storm Edition is available for $6.95.

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