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Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 now available for download



UPDATE: I’ve been reading a lot of the feedback and it seems this build isn’t stable on the 9700. If you’re a 9700 user, consider waiting until the next release.

Opera Mini 5 is a great BlackBerry browser alternative, especially for the Storm. The pages look much more crisp, and the browsing experience is something a little more on par with the rest of the smartphones on the market. The downside is that there are some serious limitations to how well a third party browser can integrate with the device. Personally, I would like to see RIM give Opera much more access to their platform. It would give Storm users a much better browsing experience and something to tide them over until the WebKit-based BlackBerry browser is released.

Opera Mini is mainly for the dumb phone market, as the company has an enormous user base in places such as Russia and Indonesia. The BlackBerry experience isn’t as fine-tuned as it could be so while this is Beta 2 of Opera Mini 5, it isn’t without its bugs. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth trying out.

Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 can be download by visiting http://m.opera.com/next from your BlackBerry browser.

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Protect your BlackBerry Storm with DonTouch


DonTouch is Fabian‘s latest app and it protects your BlackBerry Storm or Storm2 from being touched by others. It uses the accelerometer and a car alarm sound to ward off anyone who might want to fidget with your expensive BlackBerry.

DonTouch costs $1.95 until Monday (regularly $2.95).

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The BlackBerry Storm2 makes a big push into Italy



Recently the BlackBerry Storm2 was introduced to Italian customers via Wind and Vodafone Italia.

On Wind, the device will cost 499Euros (about $750 USD), and customers will be able to get unlimited email and internet for 12 Euros per month ($18 USD). From Vodafone Italia customers will be able to pick up the device from €0 to €399 depending on the contract length. Ciao!

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BlackBerry Storm2 and Storm game Revball now available


Nickel Buddy are really cool BlackBerry game developers because they’ve been putting out quality games specifically with the BlackBerry Storm in mind. The latest is called Revball and it’s a paddle ball type arcade game.

While the game is available for the Storm2, it doesn’t use the multitouch feature which is a pretty key element of the device. As a Storm2 user, I’m always on the hunt for content that uses its unique features, but a Storm game is good fun regardless.

Revball is $4.99 and there is more information available on the purchase page.

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TELUS launches the BlackBerry Storm2



The new BlackBerry Storm 2 is now available at TELUS on their 3G (CDMA) network for $199.99 on a 3-year contract. You can also buy the device sans contract for $599.99, but it’s rare that anyone commits that much cash up front these days. In any case, we’re hoping this device does well for TELUS.

See the TELUS site for more details of the upcoming BlackBerry Storm2.

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Gym Technik for the BlackBerry Storm coming in two weeks


StormDataEntryWhen we posted about RoadRunnerGPS, a lot of BlackBerry Cool readers recommended using Gym Technik for weight training. At first, this app was a web-based client but a few weeks ago they went native, which really helps if your gym is in a basement.

Gym Technik will be launching their popular fitness tracking app for the BlackBerry Storm in two weeks. To find out when Gym Technik for the Storm goes live, you can register at their site.

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