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BlackBerry Ad Confirms Rogers BlackBerry Storm Series Coming?



BBCool reader Michael S. writes in to say that page 2&3 of the March 1st issue of Canadian Business shows the BlackBerry Storm2 and within the ad says “See all there is to see with BlackBerry Storm smartphones from Rogers…” We’ve been hearing about the Storm series coming to Rogers for some time now, and it would be great to finally get this device. On the other hand, it could be the ad department is lazy and switched out “Verizon” for “Rogers” without thinking. Any Rogers customers looking to get their hands on a Storm2?

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Storm2 Launches This Month



T-Mobile have announced the Storm2 will be available in February, with no specific date mentioned. Embedded in the announcement is also Phil Lander, T-Mobile account director at RIM, confirming that RIM will launch their official Twitter client shortly (maybe this month).

[Hat tip @simonsage]

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