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Rumor: BlackBerry Storm2 Getting Improved Touchscreen and Recall


The bad press and feedback from the BlackBerry Storm2 has been never ending. That’s not to say that the Storm2 is a bad device, but of all BlackBerrys it has had the hardest time garnering mass appeal and its rivals have set the bar for quality incredibly high. My personal experience with the Storm2 has been varied. The Storm has some major bugs but it also makes apps looks really crisp and the larger screen is much appreciated.

Rumor sources are reporting that we may expect a worldwide (Verizon first) recall of the Storm2, as RIM have enhanced the touchscreen and made older models eligible for a replacement. Apparently, RIM has added silicone actuators to the touchscreen to improve the performance and tactile response. As of February 10th, 2010, all Storm2 devices contain this enhancement. You can identify these devices by a green dot on the master carton and/or date code on the back of the device (more details below).
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BBC iPlayer Available for Bold 9700 and Storm2 Over WiFi Via Mobile Site


There are a ton of conditions in that title, isn’t there? The BBC iPlayer is now available as a mobile site that you can only access over WiFi, with from what I’ve read only the 9700 and the Storm2. While trying to access the site over 3G on Rogers, I got an error saying that the content is only available over 3G in the UK on 3’s network. By using WiFi, this seems to solve the problem and I can watch full videos and small clips from the site. Personally, I think it’s too bad that the player didn’t come as a BlackBerry app, as we all know the browser is relatively slow.

Check out the BBC iPlayer for the 9700 and Storm2 from bbc.co.uk/mobile/bbapps/.

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Rumor: Verizon to Discontinue the BlackBerry Storm


Verizon Storm 2 - 9550

There are rumors that a major Telco, most likely Verizon, will be reducing its stock of, and possibly cutting entirely, the BlackBerry Storm. The rumors are building that returns for the device series have been unacceptably high it hasn’t been the touchscreen success RIM was hoping for.

This would be a real shame because the upcoming WebKit browser from RIM would make it a really great touchscreen device. While I’m personally not a Storm user, I have used one in the past and I do like it. If Verizon kills the Storm it could have a huge impact since Verizon is such a big source of customers for RIM. Only time will tell.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Storm2 Launches This Month



T-Mobile have announced the Storm2 will be available in February, with no specific date mentioned. Embedded in the announcement is also Phil Lander, T-Mobile account director at RIM, confirming that RIM will launch their official Twitter client shortly (maybe this month).

[Hat tip @simonsage]

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Free Android-Style Unlock App for the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2


YouTube Link

Storm Unlock is a new app from MMMOOO that works just like the Android unlock feature. In order to unlock your Storm, you have to trace a pattern on the screen. This a cool free BlackBerry app that is definitely worth trying out. Let us know what you think.

Download Storm Unlock free from our store.

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BlackBerry Storm2 Teardown with Nice Pics and Video


The Greek tech blog techblog.gr has taken apart the Storm2 and done a great job of documenting the process. Even if you don’t understand Greek, it’s still great to see the device torn apart. Next, I’d like to see the Storm2 on “Will It Blend?”.
Click through for crisp pics of the aftermath