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WES 2010: RIM Introduces the New BlackBerry Pearl 3G Smartphone


WES is shaping up to be an awesome conference. Two new BlackBerrys have been announced: the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and the Bold 9650. Today, RIM has officially announced the Pearl 3G aka the Pearl 9100 aka Stratus. The latest Pearl 3G features:

  • Small size: less than two inches wide (50 mm) and weighing only 3.3 ounces (93g)
  • WiFi (b/g/n) – this is the first BlackBerry to support the “n” standard
  • GPS
  • 3.2 MP camera
  • 624 Mhz processor
  • Up to 32 GB memory expansion

It would be awesome to try out a the Pearl 3G of WiFi ‘n’ as you should be able to get some blazing fast connections. This would be especially good for any streaming video apps. Overall, this is a great update to the Pearl series and we’re told we’ll also see this device in May. Hit after the jump for the official announcement.
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More Pictures of the T9 BlackBerry Pearl 9105 with Input Options


The T9 BlackBerry Pearl 9105 is making the rounds again and this time we get a glimpse at some of the T9 input options including compound words, context learning, auto word learning, using contacts as a data source, predictive spelling and including spell check variations of words in predictive typing. Another picture after the jump.
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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Stratus Comes with T9 Style Keyboard


The updated Pearl 9100 has been showing up with a wide variety of keyboard styles. First, it was a SureType keyboard, then a small QWERTY, and now we’re seeing it in a T9 style. Currently, we don’t know much about the BlackBerry 9105, except that it’s rumored to be hitting the European market and Fido. The European market rumor makes a lot of sense as the device has a really European, SMS-centric look to it. Maybe the keyboard stylings are all designated for various carriers and what they believe will sell best. I’m thinking full QWERTY for Verizon, SureType for Fido, and T9 for Europe. We can expect the release date of this phone around the May/June time frame.
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More Pictures of the Upcoming BlackBerry Pearl Stratus 9100


The BlackBerry Pearl Stratus 9100 has shown itself on Tecnomovida and they’ve done an incredible job of taking nice, crisp images. It’s really refreshing to see such clean pictures of an unreleased BlackBerry. Other than the pics, we can see that the device is running OS on platform version What do you guys think, any Pearl users out there excited for the update?
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More Pics and Details of the BlackBerry Pearl Stratus 9100 Emerge



It seems we’re getting much closer to the Pearl 9100’s release date as more pics are getting leaked. The latest pics show the About screen, giving us some details about what OS the device is currently working with (OS and confirming that the Pearl 9100 does in fact use 3G bands. Rumor has it that the device will go to T-Mobile, WIND, Rogers and AT&T, meaning lots of customers are going to get their hands on this one. More pics after the jump.
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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Stratus Video Surfaces


The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is up in video and it looks like a really nice form factor and spec improvement over its predecessor. As per the usual modern BlackBerry style, it has rounded edges and a trackpad. It’s good that whoever made the video put it up beside a 9700, because the designs seem very similar. While the video is a little blurry, you can tell that it has WiFi, and rumors are circulating that it’s 3G (I think you can see it by the signal meter).

CrackBerry got the scoop.

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