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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Stratus available for pre-order


Mac over at PocketBerry spotted a pre-order BlackBerry Pearl 9100. Generally, pre-release devices will get out to ISVs around 6 weeks before the device actually launches. This gives them enough time to port their software so it will be ready once the device hits the market. That’s about the same time that we start seeing leaks hit the blogs. It’s also around this time that a lot of sites like PureMobile will list the device as available for pre-order, because they might get a few in stock, or they’ll just build up orders for when the device hits the market.

Personally, I wouldn’t go for any of these sites. Just wait until it hits your carrier and you might be able to leverage an upgrade plan to get it cheap.

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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 aka Stratus details and video leaked


YouTube link

[Sorry folks – Looks like you’ll have to check back another time because we have since taken these pictures down. Don’t worry, more will come soon.]

Salomondrin posted more details and video about the BlackBerry Pearl 9100, also known as the Stratus, Striker or Pearl 2 (Pearl2?). There are a few crucial updates to this device that make it something Pearl owners are going to like. It has a trackpad as all the latest devices have been sporting, 3G, media keys on the top, 3.2MP camera with flash, and a more curvy form factor.
Click through for more details of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100

Leaked pics of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Stratus


[Sorry everybody, these pictures have since been taken down. If you check back we’ll surely have more to come]

Gotta love Salomondrin for leaking pics of the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100 aka Stratus. The 9100 is apparently a 3G Pearl for the GSM network. It has SureType, an optical trackpad, 3G, WiFi and the version we’re seeing is running OS Too bad Sal’s YouTube was taken down by RIM legal. Those lawyers are killing the Internet, 1 leak at a time.

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