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BlackBerry Support Community Forums 1 year anniversary


I get about 10 emails per day from someone in the BlackBerry community asking me for help with their device. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the email, but I simply can’t help everyone. As an alternative, you can ask BlackBerry Joe, who can answer all your BlackBerry questions.

Another alternative, is to head over to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums. There, you’ll get all the BlackBerry help you need. Recently, they celebrated a whole year of helping the community. Congratulations!


Top 5 official BlackBerry sites


Top 5 BlackBerry Sites

After replying to Mark’s comment about BlackBerry needing an app store, it occurred to me that there are some resources right on RIM’s site that not everyone might know about. While they might not be widely publicized, there’s still a lot of info out there ripe for the picking – you just have to know where to look. Even if you’re not a noobie to the BlackBerry scene, there might be some spots here you haven’t checked out before…

Check out the top five hidden gems of the BlackBerry world…