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BlackBerry Theme Studio 6 Gold Release Now Available


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RIM has made BlackBerry Theme Studio 6 Gold Release available for download. Theme Studio 6 comes with a cleaner and simpler user interface that lets you customize many different aspects of the device including backgrounds, sound effects and ringtones, icons and menus, and fonts. You can also add animations and screen transitions to the device with Theme Studio.

The question a lot of theme artists probably have on their mind is: what is the future of theme content? Will there be themes for the PlayBook and the future QNX devices? Considering how huge the theme market is in App World, it would probably be a bad move to axe them. Themes are also a competitive advantage for RIM as none of the other smartphones provide the same level of customization.

Hit the jump to read more about the Theme Studio 6 release. Another thing to note, and we’re not sure why, but RIM has 2 download links for Theme Studio. One for commercial and one for personal. It may just be a user agreement thing.
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Screenshot of BlackBerry Theme Studio Update with Torch and BlackBerry 6 Support


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We haven’t heard much about what themes will look like with BlackBerry 6 and the Torch but it probably won’t allow for as much customization as we saw in OS 5. It’s not clear if theme developers will be able to customize the homescreen to the same extent, but it’s possible some experts will be able to hack their way into the files and do some cool stuff. With a recent screenshot leak of the upcoming Theme Studio, we still don’t know anything more but at least we can see it’s on its way. Hopefully we’ll see this update soon so Torch users can get their hands on some theme content.

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BlackBerry App World update coming next month with themes


RIM announced that App World is now accepting theme submissions. The announcement was a little buried along with the announcement of the BlackBerry Theme Studio 5, which helps developers make more compelling themes for BlackBerry.

RIM have said that they are taking submissions now, and next month we will see an update to App World with a themes category. Presumably, the category will feature a wide range of themes for all the latest devices including the Storm2.

Stay tuned on BlackBerry Cool for more info.

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RIM announce OpenGL support and a host of rich content features


The BlackBerry Developer Conference has kicked off with a great start as RIM have announced a host of great features for developers that are going to help them make richer and more attractive content.

The first major announcement is the addition of OpenGL ES support that will help developers make 3D games and graphics. The high performance rendering engine is available on the Storm2, and it makes games like EA’s Need for Speed Shift, look really impressive.

Another announcement is a GUI builder, integrated into the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse. The builder will make it faster and easier for Java developers to build user interfaces for BlackBerry applications.

The next big announcement is the BlackBerry Theme Studio 5 that replaces the previously available Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit. The studio allows developers to make themes with the ability to import Adobe Photoshop files to BlackBerry Theme Builder, add ringtones and build screen transitions such as zooming, sliding, wiping and fading within themes. Ringtones and screen transitions are supported for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5.0 and higher.

So stay tuned because we’re about to see some very compelling applications for BlackBerry that have rich 3D graphics and more integration with the device.

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