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Mechanism theme from Elecite for BlackBerry Storm, 8900 and Bold



Elecite have launched a new theme called Mechanism. The screenshots pretty much speak for themselves. There are 4 static icons, an invisible alarm screen launcher (when you tap the clock) and 7 customizable icons on the left (on the top for the Storm). The theme also includes a nice little touch: open and close buttons. With the open and close buttons, you can hide all 7 icons to have a clean home screen.

Download the latest Mechanism theme from Elecite for your BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900 or Storm. Price $6.99.


New BlackBerry theme from HedoneDesign



HedoneDesign make some very decent BlackBerry themes and they’ve just released their BussFast theme. The theme is a clean setup with a very orange-centric color scheme. The icons are simple and make for an efficient and streamlined BlackBerry experience.

The wallpaper is customizable, as with all versions of this theme. All versions (except 83xx and 88xx) have a todayPlus Preview feature included so you’ll see future events, new messages, etc on HomeScreen.

Main features include:

  • Sharp icons
  • Clean and fresh design
  • TodayPlus feature included
  • User customizable icons
  • User customizable backgrounds (wallpapers)

Purchase the BussFast theme from HedoneDesign for $7.00.

Pink loving theme goodness with the Blossom theme for BlackBerry



The guys at Elecite have launched a new theme called Blossom. The theme works on the BlackBerry Curve 8900, Storm and Bold. This theme is great for the pink them loving people out there.

The Premium Blossom theme from Elecite is available for $6.99.


How to streamline the BlackBerry experience – incredible theme!


The Blank theme

A theme is a very personal piece of BlackBerry content and “the perfect theme” will be different for many people.

After some talk with Themes4BB about the aesthetics of themes, I’ve taken a great theme of theirs, the Blank theme, and complemented it with some software from our store, to create my favorite theme to date. The theme is a simple blank screen homepage, with a QuickLaunch application for fast, customized access.

A blank homescreen helps to keep my attention focused on the most pressing matters. As emails come in, I have a small notifier telling me to access my messages folder. Since I access my messages folder about 40 times per day, I have the left convenience key set to open it.
Continue reading about this customized theme

Make your BlackBerry look like a Palm Pre with PreBerry



We’ve seen a lot of BlackBerry themes that mimic the iPhone but this is the first time I’ve seen a theme mimic the Palm Pre. PreBerry is a fairly clean theme with not a lot of clutter. If you’ve been keeping up with the news about the Palm Pre, this theme might be for you.

Purchase PreBerry for your BlackBerry for $5.99.


XBox theme for the BlackBerry Curve, Bold and Storm



Well it’s time to make our BlackBerry devices look like an XBox. A few weeks ago Elecite launched a PS3 theme so it’s only fair that they made an Xbox 360 theme. With the slick UI of XBerry it really makes you want to believe that you’re playing an Xbox!

XBerry features a customizable sliding bottom dock with 10 icons for the Bold and 8900 and 7 icons for the Storm (8800 & 8300 versions do not support sliding icons), 2 today icons and 2 additional side icons for viewing Profiles and Connections. The battery is nicely implemented around the clock with four bars, each turning red as its life decreases.

This theme is available for BlackBerry Storm, 8900 Curve, 9000 Bold, 8300 & 8800.