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Animated Coral Reef Theme with Full OS 6 Support


coral reef theme

Animated themes are the best kind of theme, especially when you show your friends who didn’t know they could have that on their BlackBerry. With the Coral Reef theme, you get a colorful, underwater experience with fish and coral reefs. This theme features an array of beautiful animations and art, and features full support for OS 6.

Check out more screenshots and details about the Coral Reef here.

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Pachacuti’s Gold: Possibly the First BlackBerry Theme with a Fully-Integrated Game


pachacuti gold

The problem with saying “the first theme to…” is that there are so many themes out there and it’s hard to keep track of them all. We’re going to start the conversation with saying this is “possibly the first…” because we haven’t come across anything like this at BlackBerryCool. Pachacuti’s Gold is a BlackBerry theme with a fully integrated game.

The theme includes a hidden object game and you go through the various levels unlocking a new wallpaper with each level successfully completed. There are four levels and your goal is to find for yourself to find the long lost Inca gold of Pachacuti. Decipher the captain’s notes to find the items you need to progress through 4 treacherous levels. Overall, this theme is incredibly innovative and brings the customization of themes together with the fun of casual gaming.

UPDATE: It looks like Pachacuti’s Gold was taken off Bplay a couple days ago. It’s still a very innovative theme and hopefully they bring it back.

The major downside to this theme is that it’s only available for Storm series devices. Grab your copy at this link for $1.99.

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BlackBerry Theme Studio 6 Gold Release Now Available


blackberry theme studio

RIM has made BlackBerry Theme Studio 6 Gold Release available for download. Theme Studio 6 comes with a cleaner and simpler user interface that lets you customize many different aspects of the device including backgrounds, sound effects and ringtones, icons and menus, and fonts. You can also add animations and screen transitions to the device with Theme Studio.

The question a lot of theme artists probably have on their mind is: what is the future of theme content? Will there be themes for the PlayBook and the future QNX devices? Considering how huge the theme market is in App World, it would probably be a bad move to axe them. Themes are also a competitive advantage for RIM as none of the other smartphones provide the same level of customization.

Hit the jump to read more about the Theme Studio 6 release. Another thing to note, and we’re not sure why, but RIM has 2 download links for Theme Studio. One for commercial and one for personal. It may just be a user agreement thing.
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BlackBerryCool Launches New Store for Apps, Games, Themes and More


bplay and blackberrycool

BlackBerryCool is now working with Bplay to serve apps, games, themes and ringtones. We still have a mobihand account so you can find your apps on our store. The difference is that the site no longer links to Mobihand and we’re going to be working with Bplay to help build their app catalog. This new change won’t affect coverage in any way, and the only difference is we’re making it easier to find premium content. Here are the links to our store sections:

The main store page is at blackberrycool.bplay.com.
Our games page is at blackberrycool.bplay.com/games.
Themes can be found at blackberrycool.bplay.com/themes.
Ringtones are here blackberrycool.bplay.com/ringtones.

Also, be sure to check out the mobile versions as they’re fully optimized and look great on touchscreens. Enjoy!

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The Need for Marketing Standards Across App Stores


A&T marketing requirements
The above shows some of the marketing requirements needed to submit to AT&T

Anyone who has a portfolio of apps and multiple sales channels knows the pain of submitting marketing assets. Whether it’s App World, Mobihand, AT&T, VCast or Rogers Mall, they all ask for their own ridiculous banner, splash and screenshot sizes. Many industries have benefited from clear standards, and the various app stores around the world need to come to an understanding of marketing standards as well. The computer peripheral market has benefited tremendously from adopting standards, so lets get the app stores on board with a set of standards as well; for everyone’s sake.
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Connect With Magmic on BBM for Free Themes and Community


BBM theme group
PIN: 206C54FC

Magmic has been in the themes business since themes were first introduced to the platform. The company has gone from basic Zen themes to premium animated themes and they’ve learned a lot about the business. If you’re a theme lover or theme developer, you should definitely add them on BBM. Magmic will be giving away free themes through their BBM contact, as well as offering advice and a community to theme developers. So whoever you are, if you’re interested in themes, add Magmic and say hi. Scan the above barcode or manually add them with PIN: 206C54FC.

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