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Average cell phone user sends 200 text messages per month!!


BlackBerry ThumbSo how are your thumbs feeling today? Newsmax is reporting that in 2007, the average cellphone user sent 188 text messages per month, which equals roughly 2,256 texts a year. Sweet mama! Now, obviously this study refers to cellphone users and not smartphone users, which I would assume text far more often.

Does anyone have a rough estimate of how many texts and emails they fire off a month from their BlackBerry? Post a comment and let us know. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming interview with a medical specialist about the hazards of BlackBerry thumb. Seriously.

New treatment for BlackBerry thumb


XtensorThe Xtensor is a new contraption aiming to rehabilitate chronic gamers, golfers and BlackBerry users through the clever use of elastic bands. By extending and retracting fingers, the user works all the forearm muscles related to BlackBerry thumb, and at $39.00, it’s about as cheap as do-it-yourself physiotherapy’s going to get. If you’re looking for some more sporty BlackBerry handwear, you might want to check these out. Thanks Josep!