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Vodafone art department screws up, makes iPhone/Storm hybrid


blackberry storm promo

All we can say is ‘whoops’! You can see the screw up at the link below (until it gets taken down that is):


(via Engadget)


Bell to also get the BlackBerry Storm?


bell blackberry storm

WOW Huge news coming via BlackBerry Cool commentor LouTreize who has tipped us off that the BlackBerry Storm will be coming to Bell as well in Canada! Read what he has to say below:

Now these!

“Balsillie said the new touchscreen BlackBerry will also be available in Canada on Bell (TSX:BCE) and Telus (TSX:T) networks later this fall.”

RIM will be launching the device with partner carriers Verizon Communications Inc. in the U.S. and Vodafone Group PLC in Europe. Mr. Balsillie said BCE Inc. and Telus Corp. will be selling the Storm by the end of the year.

The question here is whether or not Balsillie/mainstream press screwed up, or Bell is really slow with their PR… If someone from Bell would like to drop us a line, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Seriously, I’m expecting the UPS guy to show up with a Storm at my house any minute now. What other news could possibly go up tonight?


BlackBerry 4.7 JDE now available! (updated)


os 4-7 jde

UPDATE: In my rush to get this up last night, I forgot to tell you that RIM has started releasing device simulators separate from the JDE again. You can find the OS 4.7 and 7.6 device simulators at the link below:

OS 4.7 and 4.6 device simulator

Our good friend SingStar just tipped us off to the fact that the BlackBerry OS 4.7 JDE and simulator are now available! Hit the link below!

BlackBerry OS 4.7 JDE

My Man SingStar wanted me to point out that the 4.7 JDE features a really slick accelerometer API, so I’m hoping to see some BlackBerry software that rivals anything the iPhone 3G has done!


BlackBerry Storm Roundup (continuously updated!!)


blackberry storm roundup

UPDATE: As you can see, we’re going to add all the relevant BlackBerry Storm news to this one post, so bookmark the post and keep checking back to make sure you stay up to date!

The BlackBerry Storm news is flying so fast that we’re writing a roundup an hour after it is officially announced. Insane. Suffice it to say, RIM/Verizon succeeded in building up some hype. Look out iPhone!

Official BlackBerry Storm News

Verizon/Vodafone BlackBerry Storm official release
Telus BlackBerry Storm official release
BlackBerry.com/Storm Official Site
BlackBerry Storm specs and features
CONFIRMED: Bell to get BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm Hands on/Reviews

Gizmodo BlackBerry Storm hands on
Engadget BlackBerry Storm hands on
PhoneScoop hands on
Laptop Mag BlackBerry Storm hands on
PC Mag BlackBerry Storm hands on

Note: The round up post was getting so big that it was messing with our site format, so we moved some of the news after the jump. Click now!

More BlackBerry Storm News!

Telus gets the BlackBerry Storm!


telus blackberry storm

Wow, it’s an exciting night for Canadians! We’ve just received word that Telus will receive the BlackBerry Storm in Canada!!

Go to www.telusmobility.com/storm for more info or read the press release after the jump.

Telus gets the BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm officially announced!


blackberry storm

At this point, it’s hard to say exactly what an ‘official announcement’ means, but as the clock Struck 12:01 this morning, RIM, Vodafone and Verizon officially announced the BlackBerry Storm! You can see the full press release after the jump, but here’s a quick look at some of the official specs:

* 128MB of RAM, 1GB built-in memory
* 1400mAh battery with 15 days standby and 5.5 hours of talk time
* Dual-band 800/1900MHz CDMA/EV-DO Rev A
* Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 2100MHz HSDPA

RIM also has the official BlackBerry Storm site now up:


BlackBerry Storm official press release!