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BlackBerry Tip: Running at peak performance


BlackBerry 5790

The BlackBerry device is a powerful piece of hardware and it’s only getting stronger. While these newer models do come with more on board memory and faster processors then before, they will need some continuous maintenance on your end to keep them running at peak performance.

Last week we talked about QuickLaunch and harnessing the power of your convenience keys which will help to make you more productive. Although this tip is helpful, if your BlackBerry isn’t functioning at its full potential and you’re constantly waiting on the hour glass to disappear, then productivity goes out the window.

BlackBerry power users are constantly downloading themes, apps and multimedia content and should keep an eye on available memory. There are many ways to start freeing up your memory that doesn’t involve running the desktop manager to delete unwanted items.

The most obvious place to start is getting rid of useless apps and rarely played games. Once deleted, the power user should look to aggregate apps that combine the functionality of several applications. Viigo, for example, is a podcast player, Twitter client and weather app and will save you memory in the long run. As you know, it’s also free.
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What to do if your BlackBerry gets water damage


BlackBerry Curve

If your BlackBerry gets covered in water, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world and if you act fast and rationally, you can save your device.

    1. Pull out the battery.
    2. Put your device near sunlight.
    3. Rotate your device so all sides get sunlight.
    4. Leave it near sunlight for 24 hours. Some suggest in a bowl of uncooked rice or with silica gel packs.
    5. Do NOT put your battery back until the 24 hours are up.
    6. After 24 hours, put the battery back in and power on.

After following these steps, your BlackBerry should be just fine. If it doesn’t work, don’t bother trying to scam a new one from RIM. RIM has some really incredible CSI techniques to determine what exactly has happened to your BlackBerry and will know if you’re lying.

I’ve heard about RIM using some advanced testing methods to determine that a user, when asked whether he spilled anything on his device, was in fact lying and had spilled Diet Coke. The testing techniques were so sophisticated that they actually knew it was Diet in particular.

BlackBerry Tip: Set QuickLaunch to a convenience key


QuickLaunch for BlackBerry

Being a long time BlackBerry user I have come to know the operating system pretty well but I only began to wonder just how powerful these devices were once I purchased my BOLD 9000. Starting today, I’ll publish a column that will cover topics ranging from simple key board shortcuts to completely customizing your BlackBerry.

A good place to start when looking to master your device is to harness the power of your convenience keys. By default these two keys are usually set to run the camera and voice dialing programs but a much more useful approach is to set a convenience key to QuickLaunch (QL). When QL is assigned to a convenience key, it allows for quick and easy access to just about every app and file on your BlackBerry including 3rd party software.
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AT&T BlackBerry Bold tips and how to’s


AT&T BlackBerry Bold Tips

The ever helpful Ronen from BerryReview has found a super handy .ZIP file for all those new AT&T BlackBerry Bold users that need a bit of help to get rocking, or want a few tips to max out their experience. Here’s a list of the documents included in the .ZIP file:

    * a BB Bold Data Sheet
    * a Tips & Tricks and Shortcuts document
    * a how-to on using your Bold as a tethered modem
    * a how-to on setting up your Bold’s WiFi

Click on the link below to download the files and become better acquainted with your new BlackBerry Bold.

AT&T BlackBerry Bold Tips and How To’s


BlackBerry Tips: BlackBerry Memory Management Video


BlackBerry memory management tips

As you can tell from our Zumobi hands-on impressions post, the mobile widget application can be quite the memory hog by BlackBerry standards (highly understandable considering what it provides) and has been a little troublesome for members of the BlackBerry Nation rocking, ahem, less-than-new devices. However, our friends at Zumobi aren’t ones to rest in times of need, and have put together a video of handy memory management tips so your BlackBerry is running clean and your Zoomspace is quick.

Check out the video above (compiled partially from tips offered right here on BlackBerry Cool), but make sure to post your own memory management tip in the comments. Special thanks to the lovely Beth for compiling the video!

Watch the BlackBerry memory management video after the jump