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Three Awesome New BlackBerrys Get Leaked: New Curve, Torch and Dakota


The BlackBerry Dakota

Today was an great day for BlackBerry leaks as the upcoming Curve, Torch and all new Dakota made an appearance. Both the Curve and the Torch are packing magnetometers, as well as BlackBerry OS 6.1. A magnetometer, which can be found in a lot of smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S, measures the strength and/or direction of the magnetic field, which helps a lot with mapping apps.

Of all the leaks, the upcoming BlackBerry Dakota is probably the most interesting. Many BlackBerry users have been looking forward to a BlackBerry with the original Bold form factor. The smartphone fits nicely into your hands and we’ve been saying for some time on this site that we want the form factor to come back. Well it’s coming back, and it’s going to make a huge entrance. The Dakota features a touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard, as well as HD video recording.

Something that’s probably disconcerting about these leaks from RIM’s perspective, is that users are going to start wondering whether or not these devices will get the QNX OS. The reality is that these devices are what’s going to carry us to 2012, and they won’t be sporting the QNX OS. Will BlackBerry users, knowing this, hold off on purchasing a new BlackBerry until they hear about upcoming devices that will be getting the QNX bump, which could probably be considered OS 7?

Hit the jump for specs on all three devices.
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