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Jared Company Giving Away 2 BlackBerry Torch Smartphones


The Jared Company

The Jared Company let us know that they’re running a holiday sweepstakes from December 20th, to January 19th, 2011. The app company will be giving away up to 2 BlackBerry Torch devices; one Torch will be awarded to the winner of the sweepstakes, and if the winner was referred by a friend, then the referring friend will win the second Torch (if applicable).
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Ontario Premier Visits Polar Mobile Offices and Gets a Loaded Torch


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With around 200 mobile app development companies based in and around Toronto, Polar Mobile is in the heart of a booming industry. The Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty, met with Polar Mobile and their CEO Kunal Gupta, to highlight the importance of creating jobs for the future. Whether or not you think the Premier is doing a good job, it was still funny to see Polar Mobile give him a BlackBerry Torch loaded with apps the company has developed such as The Hockey News, Maclean’s, NHLPA, TIME magazine, World Politics Review, GQ India and Shanghai Daily.

More details available from the press release.

BlackBerry OS Surpasses iOS in Terms of Web Browsing in the US



StatCounter is a web analytics company that has published some interesting data about web browsing on the various smartphone platforms. According to their stats, which are sampled based on 15 billion pageviews per month in the US, BlackBerry OS trumped Apple’s iOS in web browsing for the first time at 34.3% versus 33% respectively.

One of the reasons BlackBerry’s web browsing has shot up recently is probably directly attributed to the success of the BlackBerry Torch and newly upgraded devices to BlackBerry 6. As we leave OS 5 behind, we can expect more BlackBerry devices to be hitting web sites. Go baby go!

Explore the BlackBerry Torch in 3D Augmented Reality


The AT&T BlackBerry Torch is apparently selling really well and despite rumors that launch day wasn’t too successful, AT&T is putting a lot of marketing dollars behind the device. This is pretty typical with BlackBerry sales as we don’t see a huge launch day but rather steady sales as customers upgrade and renew their plans. The latest marketing initiative from AT&T is a Facebook app that lets you print out a sheet that is recognized by a web cam, and provides you with a 3D augmented reality view of the device. You can even view the Torch in different colors.

Check out the augmented reality Facebook app at AT&T’s BlackBerry page.

Rdio Subscription Web and Mobile Music Service Adds More Device Support



Rdio (pronounced “ar-dee-oh”) let us know that they’ve added support for the Curve 85XX, Storm and Torch. If you’re not familiar with them, Rdio is a subscription music service that lets you listen to as much music as you want from the web or your phone, even when you’re offline. The service also has a social component that lets you discover music through friends or influencers.

Rdio Unlimited costs $9.99/month, and supports both web and mobile use. Rdio Web costs $4.99/month, and supports web use only. Check out Rdio at this link.

Thinner Entry Level BlackBerry Torch Slider on the Way?


blackberry torch 9800

The BlackBerry Torch is hands-down one of the best BlackBerrys on the market right now. It combines the fun touchscreen navigation with a keyboard that lets you get work done and send messages quickly. One of the elements of the device that could be improved is the size and weight. The device is a little bulky and feels a little heavy. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it could be better. Rumor has it that RIM will be releasing a thinner, entry level Torch which may not even have a touchscreen. This would make sense as RIM is known to release a wide range of devices that leave out certain features to lower the price point. Hopefully, RIM would make another Torch style device, with QNX and this thinner form factor. These days, it seems that if you can dream it, RIM will make it.