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Xobni Updated with BlackBerry 6 Support and More Touchscreen Features



Xobni has updated their very useful BlackBerry app to support BlackBerry 6 as well as they’ve added a few other features. Here is a breakdown of Xobni’s support for BlackBerry 6 and the new features:

  • On OS 6.x devices touching the Xobni bar or flick up works on compose, reply and forward actions
  • Updated High-Definition icons
  • Touch scrolling enhanced for optimized scrolling experience
  • Editing is aware of virtual keyboard display and formats content shown on remaining screen
  • Xobni bar not showing up in some cases now handled
  • Add picture for contacts via camera

The new version is supposed to be available in App World but it isn’t showing up on the Torch just yet. It’s probably best to get the latest version directly from Xobni at xobni.com/mobile.

AT&T Begins BlackBerry Torch 9800 Holiday Promotion: $99 on 2 Year


another blackberry torch pic

On Sunday, AT&T kicked off a holiday promotion for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, and they’re selling all colors (Charcoal, Sunset Red and White) for $99.99 on a new two year contract. If you’re looking for a solid BlackBerry, this could be a great promotion for you.

Check out AT&T’s site for more details.

Read our review of the Torch 9800.

Some BlackBerry News You May Have Missed Last Week



Last week was an awesome week for BlackBerry 6 leaks as we saw the Curve and Pearl 3G, Bold 9700 and Bold 9650 all get blogged. There are some cool PlayBook articles worth checking out too. We’re starting to see developers really get into making apps for the upcoming tablet, and the fact that RIM has promised a free tablet to every developer that gets an app in App World, we’re hoping to see some cool stuff. Be sure to hit the jump and check out last week’s posts.
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BlackBerry 6 Response Times on the Bold 9700 vs the Torch 9800


Have you loaded BlackBerry 6 on your Bold 9700? Even the leaked version that hit the Internet recently is more responsive than the Torch 9800. I’ve loaded the latest version of BlackBerry 6 on each device and even though the Torch 9800 has more icons on the screen, the Bold 9700 is definitely more responsive. Hopefully the Torch will get faster with a few more updates because the lag time on the device is a little frustrating. Other than that, the Torch is arguably the best BlackBerry to date.

BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of October 18th



Before we embark on another week of BlackBerry, here’s a roundup of news you may have missed from last week. The biggest news is that BlackBerry clamshell Style 9670 launched last week and we’ll have a review for you shortly. Other than that, we’ve got some cool PlayBook announcements for developers as well as a long list of awesome apps to try out. Hit the jump and check out the links.
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Dear BlackBerryCool: Air Canada App Advertised on Torch with No Torch Support


blackberry torch

Dear BlackBerryCool,

Not really a tip but there’s an Air Canada ad in today’s Toronto Star with a big picture of the Torch asking you to hook up to the Air Canada App. Only problem is, at least on my Torch, is that the App isn’t available for the Torch.

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