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BlackBerry Bold 9650 Arriving on Sprint for $199


The above document has been circulating the blogs and it shows the upcoming pricing of the Bold 9650, which is the rebranded Tour2. This device has been in the oven for a long time and it’s going to be a solid phone for any QWERTY smartphone user. The above doc shows some pricing, and I think it’s safe to assume that the price columns reflect the contract discounts. According to the sheet, sans contract will run you $449, a 2yr contract gets you $299 and with a mail-in rebate the phone would go for $199. There are also rumors that this device will launch May 16th, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Launch Rumored in May 2010


There is a rumor that the BlackBerry Bold 9650, which we originally thought was going to be the Tour2 9650, will launch in May of this year. There is a lot of speculation about why RIM chose to go with the Bold 9650 versus the Tour brand, and most likely it’s because owners of the Tour 9630 would harbor some resentment that an update to their device came out so soon after they purchased their BlackBerry. To mitigate this possible PR disaster, RIM marketing have decided to go with the Bold label. It’s sort of funny how easy the general public can be misled with a simple marketing twist. Speaking of Tour devices, it also looks like a Verizon OS 5 upgrade will be coming in the next 2-3 weeks and will include PTT for an extra $5 per month.

BlackBerry Tour2 9650 Renamed BlackBerry Bold 9650



Mobilitysite got an email from a friend at RIM saying that the Tour 9650 is going to be launched as the Bold 9650. This is definitely a strange occurrence and it makes you wonder what’s required for something to be a part of the Bold series. Does RIM just throw these names around as they please or are there a set of standards that need to be met?

According to the email:

“Some Verizon stores did get the 9650. They were sent back for “updates”. Verizon won’t release the 9650 until the official OS 5.0 arrives for the Tour 9630. The Sprint 9650’s are having WiFi issues and Sprint is working that out. It won’t be called the Tour 2. It’s the Bold 9650.”

I can confirm that the Tour name is being dropped for Bold. If I had to guess as to why, it’s probably more to do with marketing than it is for technical reasons.

Verizon BlackBerry Tour2 Visual Voicemail Jad Found Online



The Tour 2 9650 is coming soon and the Visual Voicemail file has been found online. There isn’t much to say about it other than we know it’s coming to Verizon. Anyone looking forward to picking it up?

BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of February 1st


This week we got more details about the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100 which should be hitting carriers soon. We also have a ton of app news and some good editorial content. I think next week we’ll see more about the Pearl 9100 and the Tour2 9650 as we get closer to these devices launching.
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More Details About the Pearl 9100, Tour2, WebKit Browser and Dakota



Yesterday, Technology Analyst at TD Securities Chris Umiastowski, confirmed RIM’s 3G Pearl 9100, Tour2, WebKit browser and a hybrid keyboard-touch screen device. He also hints that the May quarter will be significant, stating “there could be upside to our numbers for the May quarter.”

Chris also goes on to say the doesn’t expect the Pearl 9100 to be released until April and thinks it will be “a big success, just like the last Pearl.”

The same article goes on to say that the QWERTY, touchscreen hybrid may have an optical navigation pad and will be launched in the 3rd quarter. He also says the Tour2 is now in production and soon to be released to the market. Verizon is the key customer for this device, which will include WiFi and an optical trackpad.

I personally can’t wait until the “Dakota” launches. Hybrid devices are the best of both worlds. The big question I’m still looking to get answered, is whether RIM will drop SurePress.